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War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

Article about: I guess it's about time that someone asks who's going this year.... ...and then what happens is:- 1) quite a few folk say they ARE going 2) the vast majority say they're planning to go on a

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    Signing? one said nuffink about no signin!

    I thought they said SINGING........
    if it is singing then looking at the weather forecast at least we won't be singing in the rain !

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    Sadly I cannot make it this year as I have my sale on at work.
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    ...just tell ol' Chaz that you HAVE to be're kinda the Star of the Show...with so many Forum members going.....I'm now thinking about that "he's not the Messiah" sketch.....if you DO come, wear BOTH sandals!

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    Quote by spandau View Post
    I am willing to meet and talk to anyone who is interested in this military crap btw because no one in my family will talk to me about it any more unless its one of the kids asking which item was the most expensive again so they can get to it before their siblings when I croak.

    Looking to forward to meeting someone......anyone ?
    Oh yes!
    I know that feeling very well. Though I think they might wish they had paid a little more attention when they see the probate valuation (nudging 6 figures as at today) then realise that it is out of date and I spent the lot on going out with a fanfare!!! Then all those disinterested "oh that's nice" comments whilst not looking up from the TV, phone, tablet etc might leave a funny taste in the mouth

    I'm enjoying myself, deal with it!!

    I agree it is good to put faces to profiles etc (I think the modern word is "networking" - Yuk ) but I know it tends to be hit and miss. It's the "hunt" that dictates right?

    I will be there on the Friday this year (I usually spend several days but commitments preclude it this year) so a casual meeting location, sort of " if you're there OK if not so what" type of thing would be great


    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    Love your post kicking off this thread Composite. Ah, militaria shows..." where unsocial people go to try and be social." I didn't invent that saying but I chuckle at it.

    I actually love going to the shows and networking. Just bought my plane tickets to The MAX in fact.
    Former U.S. Army Tanker.
    "Best job I ever had."

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    I like it...but if I may tweek it a little....."where unsocial people go to desperately avoid others who may challenge or threaten their antisocial coolness".....or how about "where most forum members DON'T go as it's too far from their keyboards"....or how about "where forum members don't know if they're there or not as they won't look up from their bloody phones".......or "where forum members don't go because it's not the internet"....or, most likely...."where forum members DO go but don't admit it prior to the event but slip up AFTERWARDS by posting what a great show it was......and then hurriedly adding that they went on the spur of the moment and didn't know if they'd actually make it so didn't want to say anything ...on the assumption that anyone wants to meet their @rse anyway in the first place!".....

    is it the same in Texas?...every time I read about a US Show there's a coming together at a place called something like Rodeo Steak'n'Grill (or similar) first where Bret, Tod and Steve (other names are available) hook up before hand (and take a photo) and then they all end up in the same bedroom to take photos on the bed.........of helmets! :-)

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    Well, what a day at Beltring !

    First of all, it was HOT. And a big vote of thanks to the Spitfire beer people - the beers were COLD.

    Despite gloomy prognostications, a sort-of Forum Meet happened ; Granatwerfer'n'me kept tripping over Composite & we all finally got to meet up with Tinlid. I must say, meeting up for a chat and a laugh was great fun. I tried very hard to get a pic of Composite at his book signing but he was, of course, swamped by hangers-on and Militaria Groupies. He looked so cool - obviously born to fame. Oh, and the book looked very nice and was selling briskly....

    Good stalls were out in force, and we all came away with goodies. Here are just a few photos which hopefully will give just a small flavour of the day with deals being done, books being launched, plenty of stuff for sale...oh, and the asking price for the EU-spec MP44 deact ?


    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

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    Will be there tomorrow. Not looking forward to getting roasted alive, but I am looking forward to my fourth show. At least it won't be raining!

    ''Everyday you think of living. We are born to die, but I appreciate life. We live day by day, and I always say: yesterday is history, today's reality, and tomorrow's a dream.' -- Henry Flescher, Holocaust Survivor -- March 14, 1924 - August 29, 2018

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    Just got home after the best part of 3 days in the sun...a book launch, 10 helmets, a bunch of camo, books, helmet covers, very tired legs and dusty feet.

    Hooked up with a number of Relic-ites.....all perfectly normal (mostly).....great people and I’m grateful to them for popping in on the book tent.

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    Man that’s a ton of ordnance for sale!

    Cool photos!

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