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War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

Article about: I guess it's about time that someone asks who's going this year.... ...and then what happens is:- 1) quite a few folk say they ARE going 2) the vast majority say they're planning to go on a

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    “War and Peace Show” won’t change any of that’ll simply be impacted by the changes made

    I wouldn’t expect too many risks to be taken re firearms.......the blatant selling of Virtus lids is probably the most extreme thing I saw this year.

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    Quote by kradman View Post
    I agree if anything less will be coming in from outside the UK so you will most likely see prices go up on items already in the UK

    There was some interesting stuff at Beltring but you needed to watch the prices. I bought a nice PaK/KwK 43 PzGr shell crate at La Gleize two years ago for E100.00 ( the exchange rate was around 1.5 ). A UK dealer had a very similar example at Beltring on Tuesday and by lunchtime it was sold. I asked what it went for ? £260......

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    I’d agree Martin...but I’d also offer that some other stuff was a fraction of what it should’ve been....and that’s the beauty of a truly international event....what is quite normal in one country is special in another. I certainly benefited by paying normal prices to continental sellers rather than paying special prices to UK dealers. ‘Win some, lose some......

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    We will have to see what happens over the coming months , will there be customs tax on things brought in the EU no one knows yet ,I do know from speaking to overseas sellers that alot willnt be selling here next year due to the coming issues of coming in and out of the UK ,we will have to see what happens in the long run.lets hope it all works out in end

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    Lol, great to hook up with people and hide their faces!

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    A really great show this year - felt sorry for all the re-enactors in the rain yesterday (and today), but amongst the (for me anyway) crap stalls (Epic Militaria etc repro stuff, and the overpriced junk stalls), there were a few real gems where I was able to talk to some sellers who really knew their stuff and had some fascinating and really rare items for sale.

    I guess in the end there is something for everyone, a great event - just felt sorry for everyone with metal (esp the gun stalls) on display with everything getting wet, hopefully no damage done.

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    I particularly liked the reduction in the number of Toy and Sweet stalls this year.....I know that isn’t very family friendly but........

    ....and there’ll always be lower quality stalls.....either rough stuff (for beginners) or copy stuff (for re-enactors or the non-researched....or just the people who want to own something which LOOKS right...they exist).

    On Tuesday, in the HEAT, I got talking to a superbly dressed WW1 German Officer in the thickest heaviest material one could find.......I’d imagine he’d’ve been grateful for it yesterday......good ol’ British weather eh?

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    Must say that on reflection, a surprisingly good show all round. Tuesday was excellent ; as MG42 said some really good, interesting stalls with guys who knew their stuff. Maybe we were lucky in who we bumped into, but meeting a number of like-minded Forumites added a lot to the day.

    A highlight for me was meeting and talking with Jon Phillips, owner/restorer of the StuG III AusfD and now also the Marder III.Some military vehicle owners can be a little stand-offish but Jon was very open and friendly and very happy indeed to talk about his passion....

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

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    I came home Sunday night after a full week at the show. As usual I've had a great time with all the usual ingredients: sun, dust, mud, rain, kids on quads, idiots teaching children to drive a jeep in the stalls area, meeting with friends, amazing vehicles, finding a few diamonds in the rough at the stalls...

    I'm really happy with the ju... historical military artifacts I dragged home again, my first buy on Monday was a pair of Goretex MTP pattern pants and people looked funny at me when I tried them on for size in 35C in the full sun but I got the last laugh while wearing them on Saturday with the Goretex MTP jacket I already had.

    Other finds included some French Algeria-period TAP and Foreign Legion items like a pair of TAP lizard camo pants in my size, a few binoculars, a couple of Dinky Toys I was looking for and some other bits & bobs.

    Overall the show seemed to have a somewhat smaller attendance this year, with even a few open spaces in both the re-enactment and vehicle areas, what would have been unthinkable a few years ago. I still go with great pleasure and I will keep going for as long as I can!

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    Definitely the best experience I've had in the four years I've been attending. It did feel a lot quieter this year. Maybe due to the heat, and people's memories of the heatwave show last year?

    The stalls were the best quality I've seen at the show so far, though that may be a matter of contention here amongst the show veterans. A lot less bric-à-brac and miscellaneous crap, and a lot more stalls selling 'proper' militaria.

    The deactivated weapons market seems to have recovered somewhat, as I noticed a lot more high-end deacts in general. MG 34s, MG 42s, the MP44 on Chelmsford's stall. I even spotted an FG-42, and D&B were selling an M2 flamethrower. A much richer selection than the last couple of years!

    Hopefully it won't be quite as hot next year!

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