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War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

Article about: I guess it's about time that someone asks who's going this year.... ...and then what happens is:- 1) quite a few folk say they ARE going 2) the vast majority say they're planning to go on a

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    duplicate post - disregard

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    So ya's all missed me in my stained VB singlet swilling the said next to to the Jeepy on the right?

    forgot to mention the banana lounge!!

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    I think the vehicle gaps were possibly something to do with a change in the way they're treated and the cost of visitors who come with them....there appears to be some kind of contribution system (financially) towards the cost of taking BIG vehicles down (fuel costs? reduced entry? ????) and from what I heard the number of people per vehicle "package" may have changed. I know my mates didn't take the Challenger 1 down this year nor did they take the CVRTs that they usually have...we have to remember that the second field, which I believe was for camping this year, always used to be full of vehicles too BUT the quality of the vehicles which were there was high...Marder, Stug, Hetzers, that HUGE Russia amphibian etc...but, by number, the BIG stuff was down again. And, whilst I find this hard to understand, having talked to a number of dealers, hot weather aint good for attendance numbers at outdoor shows.....who knew??!'s almost a pre-requisite for me!

    The fact remains that this is a HAS to make money and the costs must be considerable.....if we aren't going through the gates because "it's too hot" or no longer take vehicles because Joe-has-to-pay-now-but-never-used-to we won't be able to complain when we learn it's not going to happen one year

    so, where are we going to meet next year?'s someone else's turn to launch a book!

    oh...and I've just noticed that the "official" W&P Forum badge (with Abe Lincoln) now appears in Google Images...I wonder what the world is making of that!

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    My parents said for my 18th next year that they will take me down to W&P

    So then, that’s good news!

    That being said not sure how I would introduce any of you guys to my parents

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    ....that's simple....we're all members of your online Bible've only got to look at us to know that's true (except for the guy in the Stovepipe hat....we'll need to work on him! :-) )

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    ...haven't posted the lids acquired's the pile.......3 Mk2-ish things, 3 sweet camo'd Mk7s, a nice camo'd 6, a camo'd M80, Brit riot and a very special SA Compo....

    War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    ...will probably post some individually when the summer madness is over.....or I could post a picture of a M35 strap end and get a lot more views....and LOADS more "s"....which looks like a one eyed simpleton with a giant Russian frag grenade on his left shoulder....

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