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War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

Article about: I guess it's about time that someone asks who's going this year.... ...and then what happens is:- 1) quite a few folk say they ARE going 2) the vast majority say they're planning to go on a

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    Default War and Peace Revival Show (UK) 2019

    I guess it's about time that someone asks who's going this year....

    ...and then what happens is:-

    1) quite a few folk say they ARE going
    2) the vast majority say they're planning to go on a different day once they know what day you're going....(but then possibly go on ANOTHER "different day")
    3) say something like "we MUST hook up"
    4) they don't respond to posts like this....("well, if they don't know I'm going...I wont have to hook up")...others say they're not going
    5) those who say they're not going (or don't respond) then post later what a great Show it was!
    6) they then say that it'd be great to all meet up for beers NEXT year
    7) no one meets up for beers
    8) they don't share phone numbers, agree a meeting place or time, nor share a description of themselves...after all, there's only THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THERE!!!
    9) they then post that it was a shame that they didn't see the person who they didnt know what they looked like, failed to share phone numbers with, didn't agree a meeting place....or a time....OR A DAY!!!
    10) they want to see YOU (from a distance) before you see THEM
    11) they then SAY they didn't go....or don't hook up
    12) they then make up great explanations as to why they couldn't hook up....this EXCLUDES "I didn't want to" and/or "I had absolutely no intention of EVER meeting ANYONE whatsoever because I'd rather spend every second looking at stuff...well, except for the time a sat down for a rest (3 times)...oh and stopped for lunch...oh and coffee....and then I had to leave early anyway as I had to get home to fix that shelf......and anyway, I heard once how a mate's mate was at a show once and a bear attacked, it wasn't a was a Veloceraptor...from space...and he'd agreed to meet it......"

    I go every year....I meet great folk.......and I now go for more than one day purely to allow more time for the social side of things

    1) I've hooked up with folk from this and other Forums...
    2) they're not all weirdo axe murderers (although I had my doubts about one...but she turned out to be ok....)
    3) they were ALL interesting great people with whom I had a chat...some for 5 minutes, some for longer....
    4) only one of them had 2 heads
    5) they weren't buying the stuff I was after - they weren't a threat...well, there was that one guy but I got to the stall first and paid full price.....his walking stick got stuck in the mud!
    6) they were much nicer than a phone screen, they did this thing called.....errr....TALKING!!!!

    I'm NOT gonna suggest hooking up by the big tree with the small plaque on in the middle of the stalls....or at the beer tent...or wearing a "WR" T shirt....or suggesting that the organisers set up a Forum Meeting place for everyone from War Talk Helmet Badge Facebook Relics German (Walhallah branch) Forum to hook up at....but I will say this:-

    ...these Shows are often the only opportunity most people get to actually MEET (not email, Facebook, Instragram etc) REAL PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY SHARE YOUR INTERESTS (unlike everyone else in your house/road/village/town/city!) and NOT via a keyboard...and they don't bite (and even if they did its public enough to ensure there's witnesses!)....oh, and if there's a guy on his own in the same hotel / Services as you, reading the Armourer Magazine (other periodicals are available), wearing camo and eating steak he's probably going to the same place you are (which means that the first thing to go through your mind will be "I MUST leave before HE does!")

    ...just sayin' :-)


    I'll be there...I'm the old bloke, a tad overweight, grey hair, wearing camo......."sore thumb" right?.....but I hope you do manage to get there, hook up, etc etc...although I suspect I'll be too busy.....

    ....or is it just me??????

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    Love your outlook on life compo ... you always seem to hit the nail on the head.

    I'll hold my hand up, I've never been but always wanted to go, but its a fair old haul to get there from the province.

    Dates for the show: 23rd – 27th July 2019. for those that didn't know!!

    Happy hunting to one and all!!

    (Make compo's day and go meet him ... )
    "Per Ardua"

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    Will be there on the Friday, the 26th. I tend to be rather conspicuous. The lanky one with glasses and a terrible beard (have been told it makes me look like Abraham Lincoln, not sure whether that's a compliment or not!).

    I'm usually the only person in my age group wandering around the trade stalls with a look of serious intent on my face. Won't be doing as much shopping as I usually do (am saving for something else post-show), but I'm hoping that will give me more time to wander around the living history segments and - god forbid - to socialise.

    Regards, B.B.
    ''Everyday you think of living. We are born to die, but I appreciate life. We live day by day, and I always say: yesterday is history, today's reality, and tomorrow's a dream.' -- Henry Flescher, Holocaust Survivor -- March 14, 1924 - August 29, 2018

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    I'll be there wearing my Red Dr Who T'shirt

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    I'll be there the whole week, putting all those great bargains you've been dreaming about in my trunk!

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    There was an interesting debate last year about how the 2018 Show would be the last as "the foreign dealers" won't come once we've BREXIT'd.....but we haven' perhaps next year will be the do-or-die year.

    I'm planning to be there Monday - Wed and possibly again on Friday.....although I'm now thinking about going back on the last steal earlymb's trunk! :-)

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    .....although I'm now thinking about going back on the last steal earlymb's trunk! :-)
    Careful, pikeys hate competition!

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    Thumbs up

    You just know that Granatwerfer'n'me will be there on day 1......

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    Default Tuesday is hereby officially OAP day!

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    ....not long now...'looks like me, Martin, Abe Lincoln and Mr MB (perhaps I can call you "Early"?).......for what is quite possibly the best Militaria event on the planet......and even we're not all there at the same time....probably the poorest turn-out ever! :-)

    ....oh, and all those others who KNOW they're going but don't want to meet anyone......but will then give themselves away with their after-Show posts......we're watching! :-)

    The weather forecast looks.....oh hell....who gives a flying **** what the weather's gonna do.....a flood of biblical proportions won't impact attendance...I've trekked round in burning heat and waded round in swamp-like mud....when you gotta go, you gotta go!

    Perhaps we should strike some commemorative badges for attendees......either dated or 1 year, 5 year, 10 years etc......I'll look into that...... Any suggestions re the design?

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