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    Large Haul Sa/NSKK Daggers

    I recently purchased 2 separate local SA and NSKK collections from older collectors getting out of the hobby. 17 daggers total, with 7 RZM and 10 old

    05-21-2024, 07:51 PM

    tsuba translation

    Hello, can anyone tell me what this sign means, thanks

    05-21-2024, 07:25 PM

    Hello, introduction.

    Hello, I am a watchmaker and also deal in jewelry. I occasionally find militaria and hope this forum will provide useful insight. Thanks!

    05-21-2024, 07:26 PM

    heer officer tunic

    Översätt text med kameran
    hi guys i have been offered to buy this tunic it was bought from a german auction house by a private person but uniforms

    05-21-2024, 07:17 PM

    Austro hungarian grenades

    Hello folks! Just got these grenades that supposed to be authentic but those handles look like new. If so where you can buy them? Could not find anywhere.

    05-21-2024, 07:24 PM

    57011 coded EKM

    Friend of mine bought this one recently, what are your opinions on it?

    Best regards.
    - Ben

    05-21-2024, 06:50 PM
  • The complete ATS Physical Training kit

    Hiya, ATS girls had to do PT like all other soldiers. So they needed a complete range of specially designed sports wear.

    Some of this is now very rare and almost impossible to find.

    I am going to feature each item in turn.

    Cheers, Lez.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: The complete ATS Physical Training kit started by larissa View original post
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