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    Arbeitsdank in Gold

    Hello, what is the common consensus concerning the background and issuance of the Arbeits Dank (Work Thanks) in Gold ?

    05-25-2024, 05:54 PM


    Hi! My name is Arthur i am a militaria collector who mainly collects austro hungerian ww1 Medals and field equipment.
    and also some ww2.

    05-25-2024, 04:35 PM

    Cap Eagle "FFL 37" Luftwaffe - Original ?

    can you look please at my eagle. Is it good and original FFL ?
    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards

    05-25-2024, 05:21 PM

    ? Original German deaths head metal badge for id please

    Hi, can anyone suggest whether the deaths head badge shown in the photos is WW2? It’s made of thin steel, originally had 3 fixing prongs but only 2

    05-25-2024, 06:07 PM

    WW2 Era Letter Written by Serviceman the day after D-Day. He writes of the Invasion and more.

    This letter was written by a Virgil Odell Cole. He was born on October 3rd 1917 in Henderson, Texas. He would enlist into the Air Corps on January

    05-25-2024, 05:42 PM

    General Staff Major's tunic

    Hello fellow collectors.
    I would like to share with you my General Staff tunic gouping,named to Major Ernst Nohn.
    The tunic came with the

    05-25-2024, 02:18 PM
  • The complete ATS Physical Training kit

    Hiya, ATS girls had to do PT like all other soldiers. So they needed a complete range of specially designed sports wear.

    Some of this is now very rare and almost impossible to find.

    I am going to feature each item in turn.

    Cheers, Lez.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: The complete ATS Physical Training kit started by larissa View original post
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