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    New here

    From Northern Illinois. I collect mostly WW2 Germany, but Ill collect anything I find interesting. Started out collection Iron Crosses. Looking forward

    07-18-2024, 03:31 PM

    WW2 Era Postcard Written by German Prisoner of War Captured in France and Brought over to the USA.

    This postcard was typed by a German named Oskar Heller. He had been serving in France when he was captured on September 17th 1944. He was then

    07-18-2024, 03:10 PM

    NSDAP Ordensburg shoulder board, question

    I have some shoulder boards from the NSDAP Ordensburgen and I have seen others with the same pattern except for one of them. As far as I know there´s

    07-18-2024, 12:02 PM

    m38 helmet luftschutz

    just to present a classic luftschutz Gladiator helmet.

    I bought it because it was in good condition and complete.

    07-18-2024, 02:48 PM

    German Sword Bayonet


    What are your thoughts on this sword bayonet?

    * Is this CW era or Post CW era?
    * It is maker marked

    07-18-2024, 01:45 PM
    Bayonet Wound

    New Member

    Hi, my name’s Michael, I’m 41, and I’m from the UK. I’m interested in military history, specifically the German military during the Second World War.

    07-18-2024, 11:33 AM
  • NEED HELP: Speer Strasse Street Sign

    Hi. I'm a long-time collector (50+ years), but my expertise does not include German street signs. I have normally avoided street signs, due to the negative publicity regarding the repros out there. However, I took a chance on this one, which came from a well-known collector & dealer. I haven't committed to it yet, so here I am. I will include numerous photos. The dimensions are 27 3/4" x 7 3/4" (approximately).
    On the Plus side: 1) The white enamel is very thick (thicker than I have previously seen on these); 2) The sign is heavy, made out of fairly thick steel; 3) I have seen many Hitler & Goering street signs, but never a Speer sign.
    On the Negative side: 1) I do not recognize the German font/script (it appears to be a combination of Textualis/Textura and Fraktur, but not exact on either; 2) The lengthy history of reproduced street signs makes me uncomfortable regarding ANY enamel signs....
    Opinions on this one would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    Here are some photos (quite a few):
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    1. unimoc's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      unimoc -
      ....a trap. It has nothing to do with Albert Speer.
      There are several Speerstraßen in Swizerland and Germany In Swizerland it means a mountain, in Germany are several well known persons with this name ans maybe that some towns honored them with a street name, which is not unusual

      Speer (Familienname) – Wikipedia
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