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    WW2 Era Prisoner of War Letter Written by Member of the Italian Blackshirts | Updated

    I had posted this letter a long time ago, a slightly worse scan back then, as well as not all the information I have now. I couldn’t find the

    06-18-2024, 03:59 PM

    Totnkopf riing from Stalingrad (?)

    I d like to ask for your opinions on this ring. Please look at the last picture which explains what it is. The seller's legit, offers many

    06-18-2024, 03:21 PM

    Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1st Klasse ohne Schwerter - Opinions

    Hi all

    Does anybody have any thoughts/opinions on this badge?

    Kind Regards

    06-18-2024, 01:09 PM

    WW1 German putees and spork

    Hello, I recently purchased this set of WW1 German infantry putees and what should be a WW1 german spork. They seem good to me but i would welcome your

    06-18-2024, 11:52 AM

    Mauser K98 Stock Question

    Hi I've recently been looking for a kar98k stock to buy and I have problems looking up what the stamps on the back of the stock stand for, I've seen a

    06-18-2024, 01:00 PM

    Luftwaffe Big Berry FAKE?

    This appears to be a big berry fake, along with the ears being incorrect, I'd like some verification that I'm correct on this one thank you

    06-18-2024, 10:28 AM
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