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    Kraftfahrzeugwimpel NSDAP

    Hello friends.

    I bought this car pennant. I like it, but I'm asking for an expert opinion. Please, I would be happy to receive comments.

    07-16-2024, 01:24 AM

    Luftwaffe NCO Flight Crew or Nachrichtentruppe Visor Cap

    Hello, I would like to buy one of these 2 visor caps: Flight Crew or Nachrichtentruppe
    Both have similar price and I don´t know which is the better

    07-15-2024, 09:39 PM

    what is this incomplete German uniform ?

    Hi forum,

    Here are some pictures of a weird incomplet German uniform worned by a woman filmed near Rocykany-EjPovice-Pilsen in Czechoslovakia

    07-15-2024, 09:08 PM

    Differences between Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch and Mitgliedsbuch deutsche Arbeitsfront

    Hi forum,

    Could someone explain to me the differences between the Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch (left) and the Mitgliedsbuch deutsche Arbeitsfront

    07-15-2024, 09:32 PM

    Wehrmacht belt and steel belt buckle.

    Hello, I found this listing and I want to buy the belt and buckle (mainly for the belt). And I want to know if the belt is all good. I'm pretty certain

    07-15-2024, 10:44 PM

    International postage / shipping from Canada


    I am seeking advice from any Canadian collectors concerning international shipping.

    Today I was considering a couple

    07-15-2024, 10:23 PM
  • Roles and Missions of RZM d. NSDAP

    Attachment 239303as found on a notable Russian site: a nice summary of key aspects of the RZM.

    Here is an English translation of the regulations.

    I decided not to translate the term “Reichszeugmeisterei”, as it is generally recognized and commonly used in its original German form; a rough translation would be “National Quartermasters Department”.
    I translated the term "parteiamtliche Gegenstände" somewhat literally as "offical Party items", one could use other translations, too, such as as "controlled items of the Party" etc.

    General terms and conditions
    of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party –
    for the manufacture and sale of official Party items

    1. Manufacture and sale of official Party items has to be undertaken according to the regulations of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP.

    2. Requirements for materials are to be covered from Aryan firms exclusively; in so far as the raw materials are available inside the German Reich, only those may be processed.

    3. Official party uniforms, parts of uniforms, fabrics, flags and insignia of the NSDAP, its branches and associate organizations must be manufactured within the own company, unless special regulations exist for individual cases.
    Sample items of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei, templates and other manufacturing regulations are exclusively intended for own use; they are non-transferrable.

    4. The proofmark of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei [illustration] (RZM) is exclusively reserved to the Reichszeugmeisterei of the NSDAP and may be used only with its permission.
    All finished products must bear the proofmark of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei. Plättezettel* as well as identification- and stock tags can only be purchased from the Reichszeugmeisterei.

    5. For the issuing of a license of the Reichszeugmeisterei or, respectively, its annual renewal, fees according to § 2 of the Third Bylaw for the execution of the Law against malicious Attacks against State and Party of 16 March 1935 (National Law Gazette 1 pg. 387) are charged.
    Manufacturers and wholesale dealers must provide the
    Reichszeugmeisterei with a carbon copy of the invoice for every delivery of official party items. Invoice and carbon copy must bear the authorization number of the manufacturer and the reseller. The monthly carbon copies are to be submitted to the Reichszeugmeisterei on the 15th of every month for the preceding month at the latest.
    Using the forms provided to them, the resellers are to submit a summary report over receipt and turnover of official party items until the 15th of every month at the latest.
    Master craftsmen have to submit only the carbon copies for deliveries to resellers. Deliveries to agencies may only be undertaken with permission of the Reichszeugmeisterei. Official party items have to be identified on order forms, invoices etc. with the designation laid down by the

    6. The labor-law related regulations are applicable for the payment of all employees; for the new hiring and promotion of employees, preference is to be given to members of the NSDAP and its branches in case of otherwise equal performance.
    Holders of a license of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei may not employ non-Aryans, whether it is for manufacturing or sale. This regulation is also applicable to representatives and travelling salesmen.

    7. The holder of a license is required to allow the auditors of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei access to his accounting books and business documents without prior notice.
    In case of objections to official party items, the judgment of the
    Reichszeugmeisterei alone is decisive.
    In case of an infraction against the regulations of the
    NSDAP (Reichszeugmeisterei), the costs for an auditing are to be paid by the license holder; the amount of these costs is fixed by the Reichszeugmeisterei.

    8. All license holders are required to subscribe to the Bulletin of the Reichszeugmeisterei. Orders are to be exclusively made over the applicable Postal Authority. The ongoing dispositions in the Bulletin of the Reichszeugmeisterei are binding for every license holder.

    9. The
    NSDAP (Reichszeugmeisterei) assumes no liability for legal transactions undertaken on the basis of the license.

    10. No charge up against claims due to the NSDAP may be undertaken; the transfer of claims against the NSDAP is prohibited.

    11. Corporations (incorporated companies, joint stock companies, limited liability companies) and mutual companies have to submit a report on all regular and special full assemblies to the
    Reichszeugmeisterei insofar it is relevant to changes in personnel or capital.

    12. It is absolutely prohibited to utilize company names that give the impression of a Party agency; misuse of the term
    “Reichszeugmeisterei” is forbidden.

    13. There is no legal entitlement to the issuance of a license; the license is only given to a specific company for the term of 12 months and subject to revocation at all times. Application for renewal of the license is to be made three months prior to the end of the term; in doing so, the overall turnover of official party items since the granting or renewal of the license is to be reported. The granting and renewal of a license is dependent on a confirmation of the fiscal authorities that the applicant has met his tax obligations.
    The license expires:
    1. upon the end of the term for which it was issued,
    2. upon sale or abandonment of the company for which it was issued,
    3. upon the death of the licensee,
    4. upon the opening of bankruptcy proceedings over the licensee’s assets
    5. upon waiving the license.

    In case of an authorized liquidation sale period, the regulations of the
    NSDAP (Reichszeugmeisterei) are applicable up to the end of that period.

    14. The
    NSDAP (Reichszeugmeisterei) reserves the right for alterations and additions to these conditions; upon issuance of a license, the Reichszeugmeisterei’s special terms are to be accepted.

    *) Plättezettel: I am not familiar with this technical term. “Plätte” is an obsolete/dialect term for a flat iron, “plätten” means to iron or smoothen. “Zettel” is a slip or label. Perhaps it has something to with ironing or ironing-on; from the context, I suspect the term to refer to the RZM control labels.[/INDENT]
    Last edited by HPL2008; 02-06-2011 at 03:45 PM.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Roles and Missions of RZM d. NSDAP started by Friedrich-Berthold View original post
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      Danny Warlick -
      Really nice. Thank you for sharing!
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      MigMig -
      Very interesting! Thank you )
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      Interesting, thanks for posting.
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