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    Strange Silver Plate

    Recently bought a silver plate. The dates on the plate 1940-1944 (WW2?).
    It also has an interesting mark. Never saw it before.. The letters look

    04-11-2021, 05:33 AM

    DDR Red Cross Medi Kit 50's/60's

    Love sets like these, one from the 50's & 60's

    04-11-2021, 04:36 AM

    US First Aid Box Vehicle Late Korean War

    G'day All.

    Here's one complete set June '53 first aid box. For the most part pretty well identical to the WW2 type.

    04-11-2021, 04:03 AM

    Wehrpass - HJ Flakhelper and Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen

    Hello all....I saw a few members post their wehrpass' and since they are one of my favorite things to collect I thought I would share one of mine...i

    04-11-2021, 01:38 AM

    DDR Map case, Map, Compass & Pencil Sharpener

    Just looking for stuff unsuccessfully (again) and stumbled across this set
    Nothing really special - '85 case '86 map & a F73 compass.

    04-11-2021, 01:22 AM

    Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse Unmarked Original?

    Hi! I found this at a local antique shop but I'm not sure if it is genuine. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    04-10-2021, 11:35 PM
  • RZM M7 makers code list. Plus SS dagger codes

    Political daggers were ususally marked with the RZM code M7/. Here is a list of the codes with the makers name:

    M7/1 Gebruder Christians, Christianswerk, Solingen
    M7/2 Emil Voos Waffenfabrik, Solingen
    M7/3 Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/4 August Muller KG., Solingen-Merscheid
    M7/5 Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen
    M7/6 H. & F. Lauterjung, Solingen
    M7/7 Hermann Konejung, Solingen
    M7/8 Eduard Gembruch, Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/9 SMF - Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik Stoecker & Co., Solingen
    M7/10 J. A. Henckels, Solingen
    M7/11 E. Knecht & Co., Solingen
    M7/12 WMW - Waffenfabrik Max Weyersberg, Solingen
    M7/12 Carl Robert Kaldenbach (duplicate)
    M7/13 Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald
    M7/14 R D. Luneschloss, Solingen
    M7/15 Carl & Robert Linder, Solingen
    M7/16 Justus Brenger & Co., Solingen-Wald
    M7/17 A. Werth, Solingen
    M7/18 Richard Abr. Herder, Solingen
    M7/19 Edward Wusthof Dreizackwerk, Solingen
    M7/20 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
    M7/21 Hermann Schneider, Solingen
    M7/22 Wilhelm Weltersbach, Solingen
    M7/23 Carl Halbach, Solingen
    M7/24 Reinhard Weyersberg, Solingen
    M7/25 Wilhelm Wagner, Solingen-Merscheid
    M7/25 Jostes & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
    M7/26 Carl August Meis, G.m.b.H., Solingen
    M7/27 Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen
    M7/28 Gustav Felix, Gloriawerk, Solingen
    M7/29 Klittermann & Moog G.m.b.H., Haan
    M7/29 Jacobs & Co. (duplicate)
    M7/30 Gebruder Grafrath, Solingen-Widden
    M7/31 August Merten Mw., Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/32 Robt. Muller, Solingen-Merscheid
    M7/33 F W. Holler, Solingen
    M7/33 P.u.A. Duenzer, Solingen (duplicate)
    M7/34 Rudolf C. Jacobs, Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/35 Wilhelm Halback, Solingen
    M7/36 E. & F. Horster, Solingen
    M7/37 Robert Klaas, Solingen-Ohligs
    M7/38 Paul Seilheimer, Solingen
    M7/39 Franz Steinhoff, Solingen-Wald
    M7/40 Hartkopf & Co., Solingen
    M7/41 Rudolf Schmidt, Solingen
    M7/42 W.K.C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co.) Waffenfabrik, Solingen-Wald
    M7/43 Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen
    M7/44 F. W. Backhaus, Solingen-Obligs
    M7/45 Karl Bocker, Solingen
    M7/45 Ottersbach & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
    M7/46 Emil Gierling, Solingen
    M7/47 Paul Ebel, Solingen
    M7/48 Otto Simon, Steinbach
    M7/49 Friedrich Herder A.S., Solingen
    M7/50 Gebruder Heller, G.m.b.H., Marienthal
    M7/51 Anton Wingen, Jr., Solingen
    M7/52 Herbertz & Meurer, Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/53 Nach. Gustav Weyersberg, Solingen
    M7/54 Gottfried Muller, Rerges-Vogtei
    M7/55 Robert Herder, Solingen-Ohligs
    M7/56 C. D. Schaaf, Solingen
    M7/57 Peter Lungstrass, Solingen-Ohligs
    M7/58 Louis Perlmann, Solingen
    M7/59 C. Lutters & Co., Solingen
    M7/60 Gustav L. Koller, Solingen
    M7/61 Carl Tillmans Sohn KG., Solingen
    M7/62 Friedrich Plucker Jr, Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/63 Herder & Engels, Solingen-Ohligs
    M7/64 Friedr. Geigis, Solingen-Foche
    M7/65 Karl Heidelberg, Solingen
    M7/66 Carl Eickorn, Solingen
    M7/67 Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen-Foche
    M7/68 Tigerwerk Lauterjung & Co., Solingen
    M7/69 H.A. Erbe AG., Schmalkalden
    M7/70 David Malsch, Steinbach
    M7/71 Herm. Hahn, Solingen-Wald
    M7/72 Karl Rob. Kaldenbach, Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/73 F u. A. Helbing, Steinbach
    M7/74 Friedrich Aug. Schmitz, Solingen
    M7/75 Boker & Co., Solingen
    M7/76 Herbeck & Meyer, Solingen-Weyer
    M7/77 Gustav Schmeider, Solingen
    M7/78 Herm. Linder Sohn, Solingen
    M7/79 C. Bertram Reinhard & Sohn, Solingen
    M7/80 Gustav C. Spitzer, Solingen
    M7/81 Karl Tiegel, Riemberg
    M7/82 Gebruder Born, Solingen
    M7/83 Richard Pluemacher Sohn, Solingen
    M7/84 Carl Schmidt Sohn, Solingen
    M7/85 Arthur Evertz, Solingen
    M7/86 Kuno Liemscheid & Co., Solingen auf der Hohe
    M7/87 Maich & Ambrom, Steinbach
    M7/88 Juliuswerk-J. Schmidt & Sohn, Riemberg i. Schlesien
    M7/89 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
    M7/90 Eickelnberg & Mack, Solingen
    M7/91 Carl Spitzer, Malsch
    M7/92 Peter Daniel Krebs, Solingen
    M7/93 Ewald Cleff, Solingen
    M7/94 Gebruder Bell, Solingen-Grafarth
    M7/95 J. A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen
    M7/96 Drees & Sohn, Solingen
    M7/97 F Koeller & Co., Solingen-Ohligs
    M7/98 Ernst Erich Witte, Solingen
    M7/99 Franz Weinrank, Wien
    M7/100 Franz Pils & Sobn, Wien
    M7/101 Fritz Weber, Wien
    M7/102 Franz Pils & Sohn, Steinbach am St.
    M7/103 Josef Hack, Steyr (Ober-Donau)
    M7/104 Ludwig Zeitler, Wien
    M7/105 Rudolf Wurzer, St. Christophen
    M7/106 Georg Kerschbaumer, Steinbach an der Steyr
    M7/108 Karl Oschmann & Co., Brotterode i. Th.
    M7/109 Thomas Weilpotz, Solingen-Huscheid
    M7/110 Felbeck & Pickard, Solingen
    M7/111 H. Herder, Solingen
    M7/112 Carl Wusthof-Gladiatorwerk, Solingen
    M7/113 Berndorfer Metaliwarenfabrik - Arthur Krupp AG., Berndorf
    M7/114 Hugo Linder C. W. Sohn, Solingen-Weyer
    M7/115 Erhardt Reich, Schwcina
    M7/116 Franz Frenzel, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
    M7/117 Julius Pilz Sohn, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
    M7/118 Jacobs & Co., Solingen-Grafrath
    M7/163 E. & A. Helbig, Steinbach
    M7/183 Ernst E. Witte (Kroneck), Solingen
    M7/941 Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    M7/1051 Robert Klaas, Solingen
    M7/1053 P. D. Luneschloss, Solingen
    M7/1164 David Malsch, Steinbach Krm.
    M7/1166 Emil Voos, Solingen
    M7/1197 C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen
    M7/1211 E. Pack & Sohn, Solingen
    M7/1221 Carl Malsch-Spitzer, Steinbach
    M7/1222 J.A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen

    The following codes can be found on 1933 pattern SS daggers. This list is NOT complete:

    M7/163 E. & A. Helbig, Steinbach
    M7/183 Ernst E. Witte (Kroneck), Solingen
    M7/941 Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    M7/1051 Robert Klaas, Solingen
    M7/1053 P. D. Lüneschloss, Solingen
    M7/1164 David Malsch, Steinbach Krm.
    M7/1166 Emil Voos, Solingen
    M7/1197 C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen
    M7/1211 E. Pack & Sohn, Solingen
    M7/1221 Carl Malsch-Spitzer, Steinbach
    M7/1222 J.A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen

    The following are SS dagger contract codes (Thanks to Paul aka "Lakesidetrader")

    15/38 SS J.A. Henckels Solingen
    15/39 SS J.A. Henckels/Ed Wüsthof Solingen
    188/35 SS
    188/36 SS
    324/37 SS Klittermann & Moog, Haan
    324/38 SS Klittermann & Moog, Haan
    534/38 SS Arthur Schüttlehöffer
    534/40 SS Arthur Schüttlehöffer
    941/36 SS Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    941/37 SS Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    941/38 SS Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    941/39 SS Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    941/40 SS Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
    1051/38 SS Robert Klaas Solingen
    1051/39 SS Robert Klaas Solingen
    1051/40 SS Robert Klaas Solingen
    1052/38 SS Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen
    1052/38 SS Another unknown maker
    1053/38 SS W.K.C., Solingen
    1053/39 SS W.K.C., Solingen
    1163/38 SS F.&A. Helbig, Stienbach
    1164/38 SS David Malsch, Stienbach
    1166/38 SS Emil Voos, Solingen
    1189/38 SS
    1196/38 SS Edward Wüsthof Dreizackwerk, Solingen
    1197/38 SS Gustav Spitzer, Solingen
    1197/39 SS Gustav Spitzer, Solingen
    1198/39 SS
    1198/40 SS
    1202/38 SS Christianwerk, Solingen
    1203/38 SS Friedrich Herder, Solingen
    1211/39 SS E.P. & S. Solingen
    1221/39 SS Karl Malsch
    1222/39 SS J.A. Schmidt
    1241/39 SS Mack & Eicklenberg, Solingen
    1316/40 SS Tigerwerk Lauterjung & Co.,
    1317/40 SS

    Cheers, Ade.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: RZM M7 makers code list. Plus SS dagger codes started by Adrian Stevenson View original post
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