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    US "Tanker Helmet" which year of production?

    Hi mates,
    I received this COMBAT VEHICLE CREWMAN (CVC) helmet a few days ago.
    I really liked this "tanker helmet" and that's why

    02-26-2024, 08:31 PM
    Soviet Marauder

    Hello. New user

    I love western military and looking for rare things for myself. Thank you

    02-26-2024, 07:49 PM

    British Navy GSM abbreviation

    Hello everyone
    recently I saw on a Naval General Service Medal the abbreviation N.A.I.M (A) R.N. I understand that RN comes from Royal Navy but

    02-26-2024, 06:36 PM

    Can you tell me more about this soldier?


    posting photos of him. His name was Franz Mikut and was born on 21.11.1896.

    group photo have date 2.10.1943.

    02-26-2024, 03:18 PM

    Help on NSKK chained Dagger please!

    Hello collectors,

    really want to like this dagger but i`m still skeptical about this one. Would be very happy to get some more opinions.

    02-26-2024, 03:50 PM

    Japanese bag with kanjis...

    May I have your opinion on this bag ?
    Civilian or military bag ?
    What for use for ?
    Size is approximately 30x12 cm

    02-26-2024, 06:07 PM
  • SS RZM Tags

    Attachment 239314

    SS Mantel SS RZM tag
    I am not in the habit of saving every fake and then piling it up, then to proclaim to the populace of what a sage and oracle I can be. The fake label here has more curiosity value than anything else. It was also part of my own biography. I bought just such a fake in 1967, you see, so there is an element of nostalgia here. And, I guess this thing propelled me to find the real ones in the intervening years. Dr. Breuer's operation had a kind of poetry to it compared to the nameless, faceless and sleek operations of today on an inhuman scale churning out brilliant fakes and frauds.
    A Lubstein tag in a cap of late craftsmanship.

    Another C Wagner tag in an officer's cap. Compare this nice image with the somewhat flawed one in post N. 2. The caps are very similar.

    A Wagner of later is my theory (and only mine...) that these caps were made into about 1941. They were surely made through 1940. One can find many examples especially of Wille caps with a 1940 date on the sweat band. I suppose such a thing is unimportant, but since I am interested in the black uniform, my mind seizes on dumb little details. There are also a lot of collector-lore misperceptions about these things, which we are at pains to revise. Afterall, our aim here is common knowledge, is it not? Not collector dogma and superstition....

    The interior of a Sonderanfertigung Mueller officer's cap likely of same date of manufacture as the Wille enlisted cap pictured in another thread. Whoops. It is another thread I guess. It is all a blur, you know. It must be global warming.
    An RZM tag with a VA SS contract number and date of manufacture or date of contract. I do not believe these cloth tags exist for other branches of the NSDAP, as in the PL or SA or NSKK, for instance.

    A Mueller Sonderanfertiging with later tag ca. 1938. This cap has its "Sonderanfertigung" tag still in place, an especially rare feature seldom, if ever, seen. Mueller made many of these caps.

    Another cloth tag...this the RFSS tag found from about 1934 until 1938 often with the little contract # tag. Highly faked, but still pleasing in its original form.

    another....on a Kampfbinde.

    Somewhere is a list of all these SS contract numbers and their contractor's proper names. Some can be deciphered because of redundancy of normal RZM numbers that appear together with the SS numbers. The dual system reflected the peculiar status of the SS as a party and state organization, which increasingly had its own means of revenue and thus supply that was independent of both entities. Hence, the idea of a state within the state. The 1935 regulation banning trade marks apparently derived from Hitler thinking such things in bad taste, and also because those who did not win such contracts asserted that they were being discriminated against. Who knows?

    another....the article # in a cap placed there by the retailer. I believe the numbers correspond to price list numbers and inventory numbers. The prices of these things were in flux, usually downward in the years before the war. Thereafter, they seem to have risen, as one might expect.

    another something, the Verwaltungsamt SS issue stamp with date in a tunic.

    When I was a young person, all of these tags and stamps were a source of total glee to me.

    I suppose it is a mixed blessing to list this stuff, but it is all already faked, so one has no choice but to embrace challenge and response.

    An earlier form of the contract number little tag. Or a variation, but I think it is an earlier piece.

    a cloth tag on the shoulder cord...this image through the generous offices of Robert H.

    Since the theme of the brown overseas cap came up elsewhere, the following is what more attracts me in an original piece. These tags are faked, but these here are quite real exemplars. I owned one of these in the early 1970s complete with a VA 1936 tag. It was a gem. I stupidly sold it for little money. I had the cap and the cotton tunic with all the RZMd/SSd buttons. All gone with the wind.

    An overcoat tag, again....

    The cloth tag on the shoulder cord. Here the variant for Stickerei, i.e. embroidered objects.

    the cloth tag as on a Aermelstreifen. This appears to be on a piece from 1937 and is also a woven wire model of such a cuff band. Maybe if they had spent less time fussing and sewing on all these bits of cloth, they would have won the war? But fuss and sew they surely did...

    Pleasing early tag in a wonderful early cap. Isken, Koeln. The main cap book asserts this firm made no caps in the III. Reich. Another example of the dictum only say "never" when you really know...

    The tag in the Sta. 101 uniform from Saaz depicted in one of my earlier threads.

    Tag in a Dienstrock of the 37 Sta. (Linz/Oberoesterreich...) that made its way across the great waters.

    another....not the most brilliant image, you will warrant.

    embroidery RZM VA SS labels in their number...
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    1. Paul D's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      Paul D -
      Thanks FB this will be very interesting and a great learning tool for us all
    1. jws54's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      jws54 -
      yes,mienen Herr,

      You know so much of the cloth of they soldiers.

      I live with them in s room of nothing. no place

      to sit, only wall,. no go outside
    1. mietek2psp's avatar in War relics WW2 military forums
      mietek2psp - anything with an RZM tag is fake?
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