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    German Bring Back Grouping to share

    I just received this this up after a contact made at the Sioux Falls, SD show. The story is it was brought back by his Grandpa from the ETO. The last

    04-19-2024, 06:49 PM

    2. model LW dagger - Alcoso

    Hi all.
    Another piece from my collection,
    the second model of LW dagger from the manufacturer Alcoso. Thanks for the comments.

    04-19-2024, 05:54 PM

    Otto Schickle Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch - U-Boots - Jagd - und Sicherungsverbände.

    You wait for years to find a tombak Otto Schickle Minesweeper badge with a block hinge and then two come along within weeks, one of each of the two variants

    04-19-2024, 04:34 PM


    Hi, My name is Kevin. I am an amateur history buff and collector from North Carolina in the U.S. Mostly WWII but also like other eras of military history.

    04-19-2024, 02:43 PM

    Miliatary Uniform Identification

    Hi All! Trying to figure out ANYTHING from this portrait. The man is my great grandfather, lived in Poland from 1901-1940's. From family notes, I have

    04-19-2024, 02:29 PM

    Luftwaffe Officer's Clothing Bag


    I recently acquired this clothing bag that looks to be WW2 Luftwaffe but I can't find any markings on it. It also doesn't look like the

    04-19-2024, 02:19 PM
  • SS VT field gear etc markings

    Attachment 239302In this list you can find examples of the SS gear with early markings on it. If you have something to add, you are welcome.
    Look here for full list
    Attachment 174962
    This article was originally published in forum thread: SS field gear etc markings started by Dimas View original post
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