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Any clue? Grenztruppen?

Article about: Any clue what this is? I bougt it in a large NVA-collection some years ago. I got a lot of it. Never seen it anywhere else, though...

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    Default Any clue? Grenztruppen?

    Any clue what this is? I bougt it in a large NVA-collection some years ago. I got a lot of it. Never seen it anywhere else, though... Maybe unissued material?

    Any clue? Grenztruppen?

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    Welcome to the forum, this is THE place to be. You are sure to benefit and I hope you will enjoy it!

    I have never seen this before but it is clearly an uncut roll of some kind of sew-on uniform badge which looks like it might represent some kind of grade or qualification.

    I can see why you think of Grenztrueppen (because of the green) but I would guess at Kampfgrueppen or GST based on the symbology.

    Sit tight I am sure somebody here will know.

    Why not show the other stuff that came with this? It might reveal clues!


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    Thanks Mark! I'm glad I've found some fellow collectors. I quit collecting about 8 years ago and I've stored my collection on the attic. I'm under the impression that the number of collectors went down (as the prices).

    This particular piece came with a large collection (mini van full) I bought in Germany that consisted mainly Volksmarine (about 70%) with only genuine pieces. I doubt this piece has got anything to do with the Volksmarine. But maybe it could be kampfgruppen indeed, or freiwilleger Helfer der Grenztruppen or something like that...

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    I think Mark is right about a possible GST connection.

    The exact same symbol of an AK 47 over a helmet, all in green, is also found on the pendant of the GST's Abzeichen für vormilitärische & technische Kenntnisse als MotSchütze [Badge for Pre-Military and Technical Knowledge as a Motorized Infantryman].

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    Found it. GST, as expected, and it's a shoulder board slip-on identifying the trainees' trade/branch:

    GST - Gesellschaft fur Sport und Technik

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    Bingo! Thanks! GST indeed. Looking at the symbol now, I little by little do recollect seeing some GST insignia with the helmet and the AK. But it's not really my area of collecting.

    Mystery solved!

    I've found some more mystery items. I will post them too.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Some more mysteries. My reference books are in some of the 50 boxes on the attic so I must rely on my knowledge and yours...

    Any clue? Grenztruppen?

    These were also part of the NVA collection I bought. Not al clue what these are, nor if they´re from the GDR...

    Any clue? Grenztruppen?

    Some more items from the collection:

    A very small Dienstlaufbahnabzeichen 'Seemännische Laufbahn' (blue star) made of the same fabric as other DLA. Never seen one this small...

    A slightly smaller Sonderausbildungsabzeichen 'Funk' (blue lightning). I only know the existence of the red one (above).

    A dienstgradabzeichen with 3 stripes for Matrosen... Obermatrose got 1 stripe, Stabsmatrose got 2, who got three?

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    The bigger black and white patch looks like the administrative service logo, or the DDR Zollverwaltung (Customs administration) logo...

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    Thanks. It must be a verwaltung symbol. But I've never seen it in combination with a uniform of the zollverwaltung.

    I think I solved the mystery of the three stripes. I just read on the site of the binnenschifffahrt, that HPL2008 mentioned, that 'Lehrlinge' (students) of the Binnenschifffahrt could have worn three stripes.

    The small star could be GST.

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