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Advice sought by a beginner, and approval-request.

Article about: I would be very grateful if you could please approve my account. It really is most kind of you to allow me to join up. I am emphatically a complete beginner. My special interest, so far only

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    Default Advice sought by a beginner, and approval-request.

    I would be very grateful if you could please approve my account. It really is most kind of you to allow me to join up.
    I am emphatically a complete beginner. My special interest, so far only in reading, lies with the SS and also with NSDAP and SS ephemera, correspondence, art and insignia.

    I am semi-fluent in German and will doubtless increase my number of posts when I have reread and digested Höhne several times more and quite thoroughly. The next item on my reading list is a book ‘Rasse, Siedlung, deutsches Blut’ (Wallstein Verlag) dealing with the RuSHA (Rasse-und-Siedlungshauptamt, the Race and Settlement Office) but it was simply the first specific SS-Hauptamt history I came across. It may produce a later specialism.

    I am not sure if anything after this point really belongs here. I could talk the hind leg off a donkey given the slightest chance, so be warned!

    I am beginning to venture towards collecting, but very slowly and cautiously. I have read enough to know that not only are fakes abundant but that the mere outward appearance of respectability of, say, a website, is not always a sure protection. I hardly expect one can simply put up a thread saying ''please tell me how to avoid a fake XY'', I imagine a 'feel' needs to be learnt as well as extensive reading.

    Apparently the SS is not a field that wants for fraudulent items! I'd be grateful if those more expert than I could advise if there are any fields in which the comparatively financially restricted amateur can do really worthwhile work within the parameters I have suggested.

    Allach porcelain, say, has profound aesthetic, symbolical-ideological and historical interest and I would be genuinely honoured if I could obtain a single piece, but I would be most surprised if it were possible for one who is limited to some £3000-3500 a year ‘pocket money’ for all expenses incurred by hobbies, not merely item acquisitions [including travel, room and board if needed, library and museum fees, books, shipping] to make serious headway in such a desirable field.

    It strikes me as a more academically useful use of my money to take up a more obscure and consequently less sought-after field, ideally one in which there is still a good deal of worthwhile work for the amateur to do.

    Advice keenly sought.

    With my warmest regards,
    I am,
    Faithfully yours,
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    Circuit advertisement Advice sought by a beginner, and approval-request.
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    Welcome to the forum. You will enjoy your stay here and I will add that as a beginning collector you are wise not to jump in with both feet into the arena without doing thorough research. You are wise to arm yourself with reference books and study particular areas (which it sounds like you are doing). Reproductions and fakes plague every area of the Third Reich field, it being most prominent in the field of SS. Allach porcelain is also reproduced and fake stampings are abundant.

    Prior to purchasing anything, take lots of clear photos of said item and post it here for vetting by some of the most respected members in the collecting arenas. They will not steer you in the wrong direction and will save you loads of money..

    As a museum professional I can only tell you to do your research, ask lots of questions and have an open mind...Have fun collecting and if you need anything don't hesitate to reach out..

    Best regards and Happy collecting..


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    You have the right attitude and approach, and will go far given enough time and persistence. As Smitty has already said, you are taking your time and doing proper research, which is all the beginner really can do towards becoming a 'non-beginner'.

    There is of course no catchall solution to avoiding fakes. The most experienced get burned every once in a while, and most collectors consider it more of an inevitability than something that is at all avoidable. Ending up with a fake piece can be a valuable learning experience, if you get nothing else from it. SS will always be the riskiest area to venture into, owing to the high monetary value of the pieces therein. But there is nothing to stop you, especially as you are clearly willing to be cautious and take your time researching and studying your chosen area of interest.

    You are in the right place to start your journey on the road of militaria collecting. Any questions or worries you may have can be answered or remedied by someone here, as there are resident experts in all fields of the hobby.

    Welcome aboard, Erlend. We're glad to have you here.

    Regards, B.B.

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    My warmest thanks to you both for your kind words and advice. I shall proceed very slowly -- certainly I shall not attempt any acquisitions until I have both completed my notes on Höhne, as much as can be gleaned about the SS-Hauptämter as well as as much collecting literature as I can find. I shall also closely follow the SS section and study past threads for both sources and visual experience.

    Are the images placed on this website allowed to be freely copied? I have consulted a few threads and there are often seemingly most useful photographs placing a genuine item beside a typical forgery and pointing out differences. Of course, I expect to get my hands burnt a good few times, but hopefully as you say to learn from them.

    Glückliche Reise!

    With my warmest regards,
    I am,
    Faithfully yours,

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    Quote by Erlend View Post
    Are the images placed on this website allowed to be freely copied?
    Glückliche Reise!

    With my warmest regards,
    I am,
    Faithfully yours,
    Welcome Erland!
    As long as you give credit where it is due, you may use the photos that have been posted on this forum.
    I suspect that there are many who save relevant photos for their own purposes, if you repost them, we only ask that you give credit to the original poster.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Sincerest thanks both for the welcome and the information. I have noticed your signature, and it is with regret I must say I know of nothing that would help you with regard to your father. I sincerely hope some other new member might be able to help.

    With my warmest regards,
    I am,
    Faithfully yours,

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