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Translating Ersatzreservepasz from 1882

Article about: Hello, I'm in the process of translating a very well preserved Reservist Pass (Ersatzreservepasz) dated 1882. I've been able to evolve farelly well, but I'm having a hard time with the "

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    Default Translating Ersatzreservepasz from 1882


    I'm in the process of translating a very well preserved Reservist Pass (Ersatzreservepasz) dated 1882.
    I've been able to evolve farelly well, but I'm having a hard time with the "Religion" and "Reason for transfer to the Ersatzreserve" sections of the following page:

    Any help would be very much appreciated!
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    To be more specific, those would be items 3 and 5.

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    Another interesting page is #10, where we see that the owner of the pass was on leave in Porto Alegre in America.

    Here is where I got with the translation. Does anyone have any comments or corrections to my (poor) translation job?

    Here is the transcription that I've got:

    "Inhaber dieses der Ersatz reservist Friedrich August Heckteyer erhalt hiermit Urlaub bis zu Seinem Uebertritt zum Landstrum 2. Aufgebots (31. Marz 1901) umf Porto Alegre in Amerika.

    Derselbe ist von der Verpflichtung im mobilmachungs falle nach Deutschland zurück zu kehren, entbunden.

    Kehrt H. Heckteyer ver Ablauf das obenge, nanntem zeitgunktes in des Deutsche Reich zurück, so erlischt den Arlaub und ist Genamster zu den vorgeschriebenen nelrungen vergflichtet. Heckteyer bleibt sie in Kontrole.

    Meissen, am 5. März 1894"

    And here is the translation:

    "The owner of the substitute reservist Friedrich August Heckteyer hereby receives leave until his transfer to Landstrum 2nd contingent (March 31, 1901) including Porto Alegre in America.

    He is released from the obligation to return to Germany in the event of mobilization.

    If H. Heckteyer returns to the German Reich after the expiry of the above-mentioned period, the leave of absence expires and the person is obliged to make the prescribed provisions. Heckteyer remains in control.

    Meissen, March 5, 1894"
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    Got it! Thanks for the guidance.

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    Default New User from Brazil!

    Hello all,

    I'm joining from Brazil where I'm conducting research on the military history of a German great grandfather that was part of the German army on and before WWI. I have interesting documents that hope to share with the forum and get some help. Also, I've become especially experienced in reading and translating old German type and script, so it would be a pleasure to help the other members as well.


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