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RZM Marks of the NSDAP

Article about: list of RZM Mark : M1- badges and insignia (Metallabzeichen) M2- sub-contractors ( Hilfsbetriebe) M3- symbols ( Symbole ) M4- belt buckles ( Koppelschloss ) M5- uniform fittings (Uniformeffe

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    Wim, Germany and or the Germanies in former times were completely different than today.
    I never operated in DDR archives, but I know those who did.
    My wife is a graduate of the CSSR, and there you had to employ gifts to get results.
    I was lucky in my own time to be accepted on the inside as worthy of aid and support. It was a poem.
    I will not name other agencies of today, but they are infamous as being bad places to work and
    seized of what I know to be the underside of life in archives. I was also apprenticed
    in those self same 1970s in a leading archive, with world renown, and I learned a lot.
    Anyway, you are a one man research library and reference section of super duper excellence.
    I struggle to do the same, and, anyone who reads this should buy Wim's books.RZM Marks of the NSDAP

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    As to east Germans getting fired after unification, this did happen, of course, if someone was found to be an IM and so forth. That is, if they had signed
    the document with the MfS to be an unofficial affiliate with the secret police. I imagine that this practice was widespread in the archives or anything
    thing connected with government. I was a witness to the Bw in the whole process of unity, and, the IM thing was a major issue. Now it is all a long time
    ago and a new epoch of tyranny weighs on the world.RZM Marks of the NSDAPRZM Marks of the NSDAP
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