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Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband

Article about: Something I just picked up, Apparently these were worn by a Police, of sorts, for the SA (Streifendienst, as I've gathered). I sometimes make these odd pickups, just liked the look and it se

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    For many my mentioned gorget-book is in German text and many
    will have problems to read it by that. If ever an English version
    will come was planned, but by now it is doubtful!

    It is a heavy book, large format with 704 pages (and about 1,500
    images and photographs). It is available at: Startseite von
    (do not know if the website is available. Last week it wasn't). For that
    I do include their address: VDM Heinz Nickel, Kasernenstrasse 6-10
    66482 Zweibrücken, Germany.

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    Circuit advertisement Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband
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    Thanks for the link, Wim! I now have it bookmarked and on my list---

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    Oh yes, I'll try to have new photos up when the cufftitle arrives!

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    The cufftitle as it rests now in my small SA/NSDAP political display --- rest of the photos turned out too dark, overcast weather today... will try to have more photos up soon.

    Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband

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    The cufftitle is beautiful as well as the back ground items, attractive display. Good show!


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    Seeing as the topic starter of this thread is so closely related to my latest acquisition, both in terms of structure and possibly also geographical belonging, I'll add a few quick shots here.

    I believe this is quite rare, at least unusual --- an armband with the word STREIFEN spelled out, accompanied by a nice property stamp stating S.A. Der N.S.D.A.P. Sturmbann IV/221 WALDMICHELBACH

    Going back to the thread starter that came from Starkenburg I was surprised to find that a more or less identically named place was only an hour, more or less, away from there. But then I found that this place was actually spelled Wald-Michelbach not Waldmichelbach, like on this property stamp, and that this exact spelling matched up with a Bavarian town instead --- still quite the coincidence as this one too came from the same seller. Barring any new info possibly culled from the Sturmbann number by any of you I guess it's most likely from the latter Bavarian town, not the similarly named place in vicinity of Starkenburg. Would be nice to have confirmed any of this, if possible, either way though!

    Putting two and two together I'm guessing that this would also be for the SA Streifendienst --- the following photo from the same album shared by Mil-Archive on WAF, all credit and copyright where it's due, shows a similar armband worn on top of the men's kampfbinde, although these spell out Streifendienst but, as shown before in this thread, there are obviously variations out there ---

    Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband

    Size is more or less the same as the Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband, material more like a rougher cotton... a few stains to the reverse but this only adds to its character and proudly shows off some of its age. Smells typically "old"

    Photos... hope you like this new addition to my collection --

    Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armbandDer Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armbandDer Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armbandDer Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armbandDer Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armbandDer Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband
    Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband

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    Not Bavarian:
    221 was located at Gruppe Kurpfalz with its headquarters at Gross-Gerau, which is west from Darmstadt (existing within brigade 50 - Darmstadt).
    Waldmichelbach was existing in the Kurpfalz-area (east from Mannheim, which is south from Darmstadt). Mannheim existed within brigade 153,
    but was anyway Kurpfalz. I think the word without a dash is the old way of writing.

    About the armband I can't say anything. I never came across this in regulations.

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    Much appreciated, Wim! So, a definite connection (of sorts) after all --- very interesting... only a couple of hours between the two places by car

    Der Standortführer Starkenburg cufftitle/armband

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    What I do not understand with the photo of wearing the white band over the swastika
    armband, is the fact it seems the Standortführer band is worn (which stands for a
    Streifendienst) on the same arm. Why another indication about the same?

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    I know what you're saying, Wim --- I've been thinking about this and could it simply be due to this being an early photo, perhaps at a time when regulations for this patrol service was not fully implemented/fleshed out? Would not perhaps the ones wearing the Standorführer armband have had other tasks as well, perhaps explaining the need for the separate Streifendienst armband? Thinking out loud here, you're the one with the actual documentation and knowledge and perhaps I'm misunderstanding some basics here... curious to hear what you think!

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