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Sporting event Armband, opinions please

Article about: Any opinions on this sporting even Armband? Thanks!

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    Default Sporting event Armband, opinions please

    Any opinions on this sporting even Armband? Thanks!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sporting event Armband, opinions please   Sporting event Armband, opinions please  

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    Circuit advertisement Sporting event Armband, opinions please
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    I'm assuming this is for a helper at the Grand Prix series race. I find the print type and application to be convincing. With some of the letters showing more bold coloring than others would be an indication of age/wear. It d be rather time consuming for a forger to do this on piece by piece basis, but that just my opinion. I also think it's a good sign that other examples aren't seen in multitudes, in fact I haven't found another doing a brief web search. A neat little item that has promise imo. Perhaps others can chime in? Or trying to do more research on the event itself. Kindest regards


    Rennwagen equals Racecar so possibly worn by pitcrew members?

    History of Formula 1 - The German Grand Prix 1935

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    An interesting race. Almost similar to Jessie Owens winning at the Olympics!

    History of Formula 1 - The German Grand Prix 1935

    I think Rennwagon was actually "Auto Union Grand Prix Rennwagon" team. Driver Han Stuck and he came in second.

    Sporting event Armband, opinions please
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    The armband, which about I do not know if it is original, was apparently
    for an assistant from these races, supervised by the ONS.

    ONS means Oberste Nationale Sportbehörde (für die Deutsche Kraftfahrt).
    Their leader was Oberstaffelführer Leo von Bayer-Ehrenfeld. To this was
    assigned the DDAC, lead by Günther Freiherr von Egloffstein. The "big
    boss" all over was Adolf Hühnlein, the NSKK Corps leader.

    Sporting event Armband, opinions please

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    Thanks Wim and Michael! I thought this would fall under the NSKK's jurisdiction as a motorsports event. The ONS organization must be a relatively obscure footnote in history as I couldn't find any information on it online. Thank God for Wim's extensive knowledge in German history and study! It would be very difficult to totally authenticate the originality without pictures or another "known" original to compare it to. Personally I still like it odds though.

    Sporting event Armband, opinions please

    NSKK man in the background

    Obviously a heavy interest in the day as in modern times, racing typically advances mechanical technology forward and was a popular sporting event to attend and participate in I'm certain. Images of some of my Sanella margarine cards circa 1933. Note the red armband worn by the german motorcycle sidecar racer.

    Sporting event Armband, opinions pleaseSporting event Armband, opinions please

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    This was published in volume 4 from the series "Headgear of Hitler's Germany":
    organizational scedule and one of the special busses from the ONS.

    Sporting event Armband, opinions please Sporting event Armband, opinions please

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    Very interesting information guys! Thank you!

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    Oberste Nationale Sportbehörde (German for "Supreme National Sports Authority") is the former name of the German motor racing governing body now named Deutscher Motor Sport Bund.

    DMSB or Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e. V. is Germany's motor racing governing body, formerly known as Oberste Nationale Sportbehörde (ONS), during the TR-period. It is carried by the clubs ADAC, AvD and DMV, and represents Germany at FIA and FIM.

    The DMSB-Staffel, founded in 1972 by Herbert Linge as ONS-Staffel, is considered the first mobile track marshaling crew, equipped with fast cars like Porsche 914 or Porsche 911, carrying fire extinguishers and doctors in order to arrive quickly at a crash site.

    When surfing around one can find more information about the ONS and DMSB.

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