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Is the left pin original?

Article about: Is the left pin original? And what do you think of £16? Pics:

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    Default Is the left pin original?

    Is the left pin original? And what do you think of £16? Pics:

    Is the left pin original?

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    Circuit advertisement Is the left pin original?
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    We always ask for front and back photos. These are common items. I would not pay 21 US dollars for something in such poor condition. NH

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    Back pics:

    Is the left pin original?

    Any of them original?

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    I would wait for a better example sir.

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    These 3 examples will Never be worth anything value-wise. Their conditions are those of "Relic" and will never be anything collectable but as a curio.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    These are indeed relics. Think there ok, but it's your own decision to get it. I personally wouldn't want it in this condition.

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    Save your money.
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    Was that £16 for the three? If you could get them for less say £10 then perhaps not such a bad deal. Some folk do collect relics. I do! What can you get for £10? where I live two pints of beer and a packet of peanuts. I know what I'd rather have.

    Displayed in a small group with other relic items they can epitomize an end to a terrible but fascinating part of 20th century history. It is easy to imagine this group being discarded to the local dump at the wars end by their disillusioned owners.

    It all depends on your budget and what the items mean to you. Whether you collect for historical value, monetary value, or both or for any number of reasons. At the end of the day thankfully we are all different and that is what makes our hobby so fascinating.
    Good luck with your collecting,

    Regards, Mark.

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    If you're in relics go for it. Otherwise wait for a better one
    I'm curious too: £ 16 each of for all 3?

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    24 for all three or 10 each

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