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Article about: OK guys i posted this in the Party badge forum about 5 or 6 years ago and was told that it was not a party badge but a day badge/tinnie, but i've seen these also described as a party badge.

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    Default M9/312

    OK guys i posted this in the Party badge forum about 5 or 6 years ago and was told that it was not a party badge but a day badge/tinnie, but i've seen these also described as a party badge. What is it exactly as i'm confused! Sorry for the crappy photos.

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    I do believe this is a Parteiabzeichen, but a late war one. Probably made of zinc and the obverse was painted. As certain materials were getting scarce during the war they used what was available and the quality of such objects degraded.

    Regards, Rick

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    Thanks for that Rick, but i thought party badges were all M1? I understand M9 was day badges hence my confusion!...

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    Ok, now you got me.. I must say I don't now much about the RZM marks. I just went with the design and based my opinion on that. Sorry..
    Now I am interested in what other more experienced Parteiabzeichen collectors can say about this one.

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    I found some info on WAF and with that info I think you are correct and this is not a Parteiabzeichen:

    The Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP or RZM was the quality control office of the NSDAP instituted in late 1934 early 1935 to 1945. All firms wishing to manufacture items for NSDAP formations or organizations had to apply for an RZM number. This number was stamped on most items made by the firm and quality was strictly controlled by the RZM office. If a firm did not live up to quality expectations, it could lose its RZM number and hence its permission to manufacture these items. The letter M is an indicator for metal, M1 stands for insignia in this case party membership badges and M9 stands for meeting badges (tinnies). Fritz Mannheim G.m.b.H., Kaiserslautern applied for and was granted RZM number M9/312 which gave him permission the manufacture Meeting Badges not enamel sympathizer badges.
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    That seems to clear it up, cheers Rick!....

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    Just a list of RZM department numbers

    M/3-Symbols and emblems
    M/4-Belts & buckles
    M/5-Uniform accessories
    M/6-Aluminum products
    M/7h- Dagger sub-contractors ( not seen )
    M/8-Metal accessories
    M/10-Musical instruments
    M/11-NSDAP Long service medals
    M/12-NSDAP "Miniature" Long service medals
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    Cheers Larry!...

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    What an intriguing issue. I can't help but wonder if this represents a manufacturer playing fast and loose with the rules and "sailing close to the wind"?

    Is it likely that somebody wearing this who was not actually a party member would escape being unfavourably viewed by the authorities just because the M number on the back was different.

    Why would anybody make something that so closely resembles a membership badge yet actually is not?

    If I see someone wearing a specific membership badge (which this outwardly resembles) rather than just a supporters badge of any organisation I might just entertain the notion of them actually being a member, or is it just me?

    It's an interesting question given the stringent regulations prevailing at the time and I would love to know the answer

    This is a great piece to have in your collection.


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    Its a great badge. M9 mark is for "Day and Event badges", M9/312 number was assigned to Fritz Mannheim. Why M9 marking instead of M1 is unknown and we can only guess/speculate. The badge is a great pice and it will be a great addition to your collection.


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