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Nationalsozialistische DAP pin - oryginal .

Article about: Hi , pin is original, no markings.

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    Default Nationalsozialistische DAP pin - oryginal .

    Hi , pin is original, no markings.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Nationalsozialistische DAP pin - oryginal .   Nationalsozialistische DAP pin - oryginal .  

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    Circuit advertisement Nationalsozialistische DAP pin - oryginal .
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    Mmm not good imo, looks like it's been subjected to the same aging process as the fake Krim you posted, Regards Paul.

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    Personally it looks to me like it’s a repro/fake. However, if you’re happy with it that’s all that matters.

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    paulscoot and mvbg40 are right, sorry to confirm it - but this badge is a modern replica with artifical aging made solely for the purpose to cheat new collectors.
    But if this a bit of comfort for you - we all here have such items/medals at home where we found out at some point, that they are fakes and we have paid far to much $$$ for them.
    Some of us accept it and go on- some will never accept and pretend their item is an original like their own life is at stake, - some of the infamous larger sellers would even rather die than to admit they sold you a fake - so don't be angry about it and be happy that this replica badge is only a cheap loss. The topic of collecting 3rd reich items is one of the most fake contaminated collecting topics - if not even the worst one at all, where even many of the official guidance books on 'original items' are since decades filled with unbelivable shitty fakes.

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