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Real or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pin

Article about: Hello everybody! I do not know what the truth is .... Thanks for all the help! Thanks. Beerneer

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    It's a good discussion and certainly everyone's entitled to their opinion. I too wrestled with it in my mind initially, but the more I looked the less I liked what I saw. No one sets out to make a bad fake.. do they exist yup..do people buy them by the truckloads, and is the hobby flooded with them? Yep. But sadly enough good and really good fakes exist in plenty too. And I think this is one of them. After all someone and lots of someone's thought this was good as well. Best regards.


    Real or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pin

    This too

    Real or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pinReal or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pin

    Obviously these are easy to spot one lookers and 15 minutes of research would of convinced the now owners of them as such. But the op badge has been around a while probably since the 60's I'd assume possibly made in Japan? But still a bad one IMO.

    Compare the transparent quality of the enamels used. The glass early supporters pin vs the saturated plastic look of the op pin that doesn't allow visibility to see through to the base metal.

    Real or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pinReal or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pin

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    Circuit advertisement Real or fake? NSDAP partabzeichen pin
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    Quote by ostfrontmilitaria View Post
    Well, if it is a fake it is the best fake i have ever seen. I personally believe it is an original - yes, strangely marked but enamel, traces of wear and pin are correct in my opinion.
    Let’s stick with badge construction . Opinion on the robo cut obverse and reverse ?
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    I would kind of agree that the fakers have been clever doing the reverse this way, with the oblong halfway Oechsler style attachment in particular, but that obverse is a real fake screamer... enamel is hideous, not even close to period opaque enamel. Wouldn't poke it with a stick.

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