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NSDAP long-service medal

Article about: Comments appreciated; thanks loads.

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    Comments appreciated; thanks loads.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture NSDAP long-service medal  
    Attached Images Attached Images NSDAP long-service medal 
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    Mold/die 'seams' on leaves seem a bit too evident... ?

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    I'm not convinced about the ribbon from these photos. Perhaps one of the others who owns one can comment on the actual award.

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    thanks - what think'ee guys??

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    Based on these photos the ribbon and the award is IMO fake, but I would like better pictures to be 100% sure! I like to know what I'm looking at. The ribbon as Adrian pointed out don't sit right with me either. Especially the thin blue stripes on the outer edges of the ribbon which are much wider on originals I've seen. The award itself is as I said IMO fake. The eagle is all wrong, look at that puny head! Details in general also seem off to me, look for instance at the tips of the leaves meeting on top of the wreath on the reverse, these are supposed to be nice and rounded. Also the lettering on the reverse is different from originals I know when you look at the details of the fraktur-based script, and might I say 'sloppier' than I've seen on any originals. The corners of the award also seem to be suspiciously pointed and sharp IMO.

    A photo of the obverse and reverse center from an original:

    NSDAP long-service medal
    NSDAP long-service medal

    - Kenneth
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    thanks kenneth!

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