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Original Krim Sheild?

Article about: Paid 130 for it from a trusted friend. Hope it’s real

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    Given that you simply will not listen to the folks on here I am also confused since you think you know so much at your 15 years of age... Enlighten us with your wisdom and knowledge...

    You ask our opinions and you don't like what you hear so you have to try and find one to prove others wrong? Where is this "certified original", and what are you basing your information on... I have news for you, even auction sites and dealers have reproductions....

    If you are so educated then why ask our opinions about authenticity?

    Good luck in collecting with that attitude since you won't listen to seasoned and experienced collectors...

    A fool has once again parted with his money


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    Circuit advertisement Original Krim Sheild?
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    You have been very lucky to have some very experienced members of this forum pass judgment. I would seriously listen to what they have to say.

    If they say it is a fake, then it is a fake.

    I do not collect Krim Shields and have no knowledge of them. However, I can suggest a YouTube video -

    The video echos the previous comments, all originals should have a notch in the coastline directly under the join in the wreath. The video also suggests a book, I would suggest you buy this book and study it - The Krim Shield by Sasha Weber.

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    Quote by Historycollector61 View Post
    I am just trying to show them that there are examples without the lines below the wreath. I’m sorry if I offended you by trying to show. I am still sure that it’s original
    I’m definitely not offended. That’s nearly impossible to do.

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    Sorry to say but the certified original and the 1st one you posted are both fakes of the type that Smitty shows in #5 ,Don't be to hard on your friend ,he to might not have known. For more of the same, type Floch Krim in the search engine, Regards Paul.

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    A great Youtube channel! Tomorrow a new video comes out.

    The Krimshield can go into the bin.

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    I am really sorry to all forum members I can now see how much of an ass hole I really was… I was in denial but I got my money back. Again I am not an expert and I am really lucky to have experts like all of you who can help me. Thank you for all the responses but I learned a valuable lesson. POST BEFORE YOU BUY

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    We are not here to rip you off, or steer you away from purchasing original pieces for your collection.
    We are a bunch of collectors that like to collect, and show off what we have accomplished in our collections.
    We only give advice to save newer collectors like yourself from making incorrect purchases and buying fakes for your collection.
    Sometimes members are incorrect but, that is usually corrected right away by other members.
    Glad to hear that you got your money back.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    We are glad that you were able to get your money back and that you have hopefully learned a valuable lesson.

    If I came off as being harsh that was not my intention, it was just frustrating since factual information and evidence had been provided but it was ignored.. So I was pleased to see your reply..

    As Ralph has said we are here to help educate and guide those willing to learn the hobby. This is not a hobby that you can get into overnight. The collecting of Third Reich items takes years of study and research. If fortunate many of the items in collections were given to us by our parents and relatives who were in the thick of WW2 and these are cherished keepsakes that get passed from generation to generation,, and there is no doubt of authenticity with those wartime souvenirs..

    As I just mentioned...

    Many of us started many years ago when our relatives brought back war trophies and souvenirs from the war. That was their Victory, coming home alive, and to show it they brought back some pieces of the reality of the war. These have been passed down over the generations for others to keep and further research. The thrill of picking up souvenirs from the battlefield presumably has also been passed down from generations as well,,, and many members here are Veterans in their respective countries who have seen conflict and brought back some evidence of their time in service after World War 2. I served 22 years as a Infantryman in the US Army and I too brought back souvenirs and items...from the Cold War era of conflicts..

    And with some of us members here as we get on in our lives and get older,,, some have no family to part these items to, so we reach out to the younger generation or vice versa as we prepare to pass the torch so to speak..

    Most of us have hit the denial phase once or twice in our collecting, (maybe even more) because our minds were so clouded and convinced that what we had just purchased was beyond a doubt original and no-one was going to tell otherwise. The tunnel vision and blinders kick in and no-one can tell you that your stuff is fake... But then reality sinks when you have a consensus of many telling you that the items are reproduction, fake, fantasy, etc... A humbling experience, and for some a very costly experience which in some cases turns collectors away..

    There were very few or no reference books or materials (for the most part) that described these relics in detail. The books that were written only covered the purpose and history of the badges and not the manufacturers, makers marks or variations.. This came decades after the war by curious collectors like ourselves who wanted to know as much as we could to prepare us for the onslaught of reproductions that have flooded the market.. These collectors turned authors went to the battlefields and went to the towns and factories where these pieces were made and they asked the local population and found files and data which was transcribed and translated into books that we use today.. Our book shelves are full of the reference material our predecessors worked so hard to bring to the curious masses...and we continue to update and write books as more information surfaces...

    Many of the members here have been authors of the many recent reference books that arm us with information in order for us to make better informed decisions. With that knowledge and the combined brain trust of members on here there should be no reason at all to have reproductions in ones collections... IF they listen to advice, suggestions recommendations etc... There is an old Proverb.. "You can lead a horse to water"...

    I wrote three articles a number of years ago on establishing a reference library for young collectors of US Militaria. Since I wrote that article there have been close to 1000 more books written on the various US militaria topics that I wrote about (uniforms, insignia, and cloth patches).. So there is always more to write and share with like minded interested collectors.

    Look into purchasing some reference books, they will be worth the money invested and then you will be better armed with knowledge and information before you make a costly mistake where there is no money back.

    I have upwards of 3,000+ reference books in my library and each one has information in it that I go to on a daily basis in order to assist other members and answer questions. Some of the books are so obscure but they hold the information that is being sought after..

    Just some suggestions from an older collector to a newer collector..

    The stuff will always be out there, it won't disappear overnight, so don't be in too much of a hurry to try to buy it all up,, do you research,, ask a million questions, POST before you PURCHASE, Please and Thank you go a long way with the members here,, and don't get discourage with a few bad purchases, it comes with the territory, but learn from it..

    Best regards, stay safe


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    3000+ reference books Smitty, that library is larger than that of a small town. Time for an E-book reader?

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    @ Vocht,

    It keeps growing too... One of these days my wife is going to find me buried in the mountain of books..

    I always give her a heads up when I'm about to go into the library in case she doesn't hear from me in a while in case a pile of books falls on top of me...

    One of the reasons myself and MAP reached out to start a reference library section here on the forum.. It helps other members to know what books are out there and it helps for research inquires as well....

    Best regards, stay safe


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