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Article about: could someone tell me if L/11 is a maker for these ?

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    Default Ostmedaille

    Hi all.

    This is my first foray into Third reich era collecting and I'm a litttle nervous!

    I have heard that these were produced in such quantities that they are seldom faked, but I could do with
    another opinion.

    Can you help?


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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    Looks fine and original imo
    If you have any concerns about items post photos on the site before you buy.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    Sorry I don’t like it, I may be wrong as there is no way I would class myself as an expert.
    I don’t like the pebbling effect of the back ground on both sides, you do get bubbling effect on zinc made pieces but not like this.
    Also the outside ring is not even. And the detail of the sword ect doesn’t look good.
    As I say wait for other opinions

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    Thank you for your opinion.

    I was not a member of this forum when I bought this item, but it will prove extremely useful in the future.
    Glad I joined...


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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    Sorry, but I must concur with Rod.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    I appologise for the bad info,i thought it was just in poor condition.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    Hi Brian and welcome to the forum.

    Don't let this minor set back put you off. There are many fine and original examples of TR awards out there. On this occasion you were unlucky. Ask questions of the members here who will all be willing to guide you through those first forays into TR collecting!

    Post things before you buy them and you will save yourself a bundle.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    I think the details on the wreaths, front and back, are very weak. The "2" in 1942 looks odd. And is there a third bump on the helmet by the split pin, but not a third on the reverse.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    You win some...... I actually got it at a reasonable (I thought) price, so It could have been worse.
    It seemed a professional website but it has now dissapeared. Just goes to show...

    Thanks anyway.


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    Default Re: Ostmedaille

    Never noticed you were a new member, welcome.
    I am sure we all have some stinkers in our collections, I know I have. As you say we live and learn.
    There’s always someone on here who can spot a dodgy piece whatever it is. I can only spot the easy ones unfortunately.
    Here is one of mine which I think is good for comparison. I notice another one of mine has an uneven outside ring as well which has got me wondering.
    Best regards


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