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Article about: I have recently acquired the U-Bootkriegsabzeichen manufacturer is Rudolf Souval. There are different variants of the U-Bootkriegsabzeichen that Rudolf Souval has manufactured. This variant

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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    I think it might just be an old die impression giving the soft eagles head. The trim punch may be old as well so it didn't trim the gun properly....?
    It's hard to decide, anyone who knows these badges knows for sure. Regarding the eagle head, you have to have very good light to see the details, it is perhaps a sign that it is genuine.

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    Hi Guys,

    I agree that this looks an original "wartime-compatible" Souval but worn and refinished at some point. The finish looks thicker, darker and more speckly than usual, and when you compare to others you see that the corners of the swastika were worn down or filed smooth and there is some loss of detail in the wreath before that finish was applied.

    The deck gun trimming or lack thereof noted by Danmark is typical on the Souval U-Boat which was probably produced by a die cast rather than die struck method, unlike early wartime makers.

    Best regards,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture U-Bootkriegsabzeichen  

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    A very nice piece !

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    Thank you very much Norm for the information and for the time you put into coming to this conclusion. Yes, as I wrote in the beginning of the thread, I bought it from a well-known antique dealer. But when I myself took a closer look at the badge, I felt a little question mark. That it is repainted feels very logical now when I read your post. So thank you for answering my question marks. The important thing is that it is original / wartime-compatible. Best regards André

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