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20 Year Navy Veterans Group

Article about: I Picked this Group up Wednesday from a very good friend of mine. When I started my research of this career Navy Veteran, I saw he was buried not to far from me. So yesterday I payed my resp

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    Default 20 Year Navy Veterans Group

    I Picked this Group up Wednesday from a very good friend of mine. When I started my research of this career Navy Veteran, I saw he was buried not to far from me. So yesterday I payed my respects to him. The research isn't complete yet, but I would like to share what I have so far:

    Henry H. Sagesser was a Nebraska native born October 22nd 1902 and enlisted in 1923. His GCM puts him on the USS Tracy in April of 1926. As of September of 1923, the USS Tracy was evacuating Japanese civilians out of Yokohama to Tokyo due to an earthquake. They assisted the Japanese for two weeks and then make port at Shanghai. In late November, the Tracy linked up with the Asiatic Fleet and headed for Manilla. After completing manuvers in the Phillipines, the USS Tracy Departed for the US on May 5th 1925.

    After being upstaged and refitted at San Diego, she spent 1926-27 as part of the Scouting Fleet. The USS Tracy take part in a special service squadron in Nicaraguan waters during the conflict November-December of 1926. From 1927-29 the Tracy would sail all of Europe, and North Africa with DesDiv38. In the late 30s, she was redesigned as a destroyer minelayer.

    The USS Tracy was at Pearl Harbor on that Fateful Sunday morning. During the Raid, her crew was scattered about because the Tracy was being upgraded. Some attached weapons to her and did the best they could, and others fought from other ships like the Cummings and the Pennsylvania. I do not know where Mr. Saggesser was during the attack or if he was even their at all.

    But as of 1943-45 I know he was on the USS Earl V. Johnson. Herman between May 23rd and November 19th 1944 was on convoy escort duty to Northfolk, Casablanca, and Bizerte. From January to April of 1945, The Earl V Johnson was on patrol duties between New Guinea and Laeyte Gulf. The USS Earl V. Johnson heavily supported the Invasion of Okinawa. She was invaluable in moving men and supplies to advanced bases at Kossol Roads and Ulithi. On August 4th 1945, the USS Earl V. Johnson was locked in fierce Combat with a submarine. The skirmish lasted three hours, ending with the enemy sinking to Davy Jones' Locker. When the war ended, Herman begins occupation duty at Jinsen and Taku. Herman Sagesser returns to Boston December 15th, 1945.

    At some point between his return home till his death, he and his wife Elizabeth settle down in Deer Park, Long Island New York. Herman passed away March 17th, 1972 and is buried in the national cemetery in Farmingdale, Long Island New York.

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    Very nice.

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    Thank you Steve. I'm very proud to be the new care taker of this group.

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    In my quest to complete my research, I found the crew picture of the USS Tracy taken at Northfolk in May of 1926. Wish I knew witch sailor is Henry!

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    Very nice.

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    Thank you Chris! Researching this group was a lot of fun.

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    For those of who that enjoyed this as much as I have, I found out that on March 15, 1946 Henry and 46 other servicemen were appointed as Sargents in the NYPD.

    Court of Appeals of the State of New York: Harry Adler Against Long Island ... - Google Books

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    After months of slaving on the internet, I have filled the missing gaps in Mr. Sagessers service. He served from 1920-1926. Moved to St. Albans and became a police officer of Jamaica's new 103 percint. From 1927-43, Henry had a distinct service record. I fave found numerous news paper articles throughout the years that he was in. But the one below is my favorite. Henry enlists in mid 43 again and serves till the end of the war. Upon return is promoted to sergeant. And in 1948 makes lieutenant. He retired from the force in October of 1965 and moves to Deer Park with his wife Elizabeth and children.
    Fortunately, I went back to the man I bought the group from and was able to recover some police memorabilia, including a sharp shooter badge.

    Here is the article:

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