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British Pacific Campaign Star

Article about: Hi Mark, Thats ok mate now you can study them and not get ripped off lol, it,s an easy mistake to make if you dont know and then loose your money. My son Mike has all eight stars in his coll

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    Default British Pacific Campaign Star

    Hello all,

    This past Friday, I came one step closer to owning all 8 British Campaign Stars. I won an auction on ebay for a Pacific Star. I know that I won it for an excellent price, and I can't wait for it to come in the mail so I can post it on here and show it. Pictures to come soon

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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Well done on your buy, out of the eight stars you will find that the Air Crew Europe is the most expensive one followed by the Pacific star. The others are basic prices, Have you collected the others ? as they make a great display all put together. and yes please show your pic.

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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Dave is correct - the Aircrew Europe Star will be the most expensive
    of the set. Please post photos.........


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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star


    Right now, I have 6 out of the 8 Campaign Stars (39-45, Africa, France-Germany, Burma, Atlantic, and Italy), and I am waiting my Pacific Star to arrive. The ACE Star will be very hard to come across for a low price, I've known this for some time now I have paid for the star and it should be coming within this week or so. When it comes, I will post a picture of it up for all to see


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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Hi Alex,
    The other British medals that went along side the stars are the British war medal and the Defence medal, they were
    issued on there own or with some of the stars. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Hi Alex we are both on the same quest for all eight campaign stars and I as well need two for the complete set the Air Crew Over Europe and the Italian campaign star .I do see the Italian campaign star here quite often for sale as the Seaforth Highlanders and other local regiments served in Italy during the war . I can keep my eye open for you if you like as they are quite reasonable in price here when I see them do remember though that there are some scary reproductions out there I have found a decent site that gives good detailed explanations and photo comparisons on how to tell a good one from a fake . I do hope this is usefull in your quest North East Medals. Original British war medals for sale.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for showing the north East medal site, it is quite good the A.C.E.star is a very good picture to go by as it shows the original. and perhaps Alex if he doesnt already know can use it for reference, as you may know the repro,s A.C.E. star, has the V over the W on the centre of the W, and the writing IE the A & E of air and europe
    are going anti clock wise. i will find a pic of a repro for reference. if it helps.
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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Thanks Dave photos for comparison would be a help as the A.C.E. is so sought after by collectors it has driven the prices through the roof for this campaign star I have near been fooled by forgeries twice myself . If it were not for this particular site and there references and images I would have been tripped up into believing they were real.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    this is the pic of the A.C.E.star, the first is the original and obviously the fake second, i actually think medalist should study the two as they will come across them in there collecting field. and i would,nt want any of them to be ripped off,
    I think at the moment the A.C.E, star is fetching something like 180.00 pounds
    at a cheap price. hope this helps.
    Attached Images Attached Images British Pacific Campaign Star  British Pacific Campaign Star 

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    Default Re: British Pacific Campaign Star

    Thanks for the images Dave there are quite a few differences apparant between the two notice how blotchy the pebbling is in between the written text as well as the placement of the words CREW and EUROPE . Look closely at the letter W on the word CREW another tell tale sign is that the lines cut into the bottom of the W go to deep giving it the appearance of being slimmer on the forgery/replica.

    Regards Mark K

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