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WW2 ribbons

Article about: Can I ask you to recognize the circled ribbons ?

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    Default WW2 ribbons

    Can I ask you to recognize the circled ribbons ?

    WW2 ribbons

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    third one is an US Army of Occupation Medal....
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    why it's mixed with British ribbons is a bit of a mystery to me....last one looks a little like a faded and shortened US Asia-Pacific Medal but could be something else
    "Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life" - Herbert Henry Asqulth

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    Not impossible, if he was assigned to an American command.
    Very interesting...

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    Can you please take pictures of the whole uniform to place it into better context for all to see?

    I understand that you want identification of the ribbons but in order to properly identify the uniform and ribbons, as much information should be shared.

    The white, black and red ribbon looks very similar to the WW2 US Army of Occupation Ribbon used for US forces in Germany and Japan, and it could have been worn by a Soldier attached to an American Unit during that occupation period, hence the reason I am asking for more detailed photos of the entire uniform.

    In Berlin when I was on occupation duty with the US Forces, we were awarded the Army Occupation medal (Same colors and design as the black and red ribbon shown), and the British Forces who were stationed alongside us MAY have had a similar decoration but to my knowledge I am not aware of a British/Commonwealth variation specifically for Berlin. There may have been a ribbon/medal for occupation duty elsewhere.

    Thank you


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    Looks to be RAF from the button.

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    Thank you very much for all the information. The uniform belongs to a colleague of mine and has no additional patches. I was interested in these two ribbons.

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    Yes, these are RAF buttons.

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