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.45 ammo box with Royal connections

Article about: Hi Guys, looking at Bill's thread earlier which showed a box of .45 ammo. So I thought I would share this one with you from my collection. I was doing a WW2 military display at a local museu

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    This is a old tread from 2012 , if you look at his info you would see Tony is a "In Memorium Member" so has passed away . RIP

    Welcome to the Forum , I hope you'll enjoy your time here .

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    Indeed, RIP.

    One of the questions posed was regarding the number of rounds packed into a box. It's common/current practice in the USA to package pistol rounds in boxes of 50, and rifle rounds in boxes of 20. I think most collectors get confused by trying to square these amounts with known magazine capacities of weapons systems in use at the time, but that leads down the wrong path.

    I don't have the link anymore, but a member on another forum demonstrated how the ammunition crates in use at the time dictated the size and capacity of the individual ammunition boxes. The British Mk.VII .303 rounds were packed 32 to a box, which correlated to the dimensions for the standard crate in use at the time, not to the magazine capacity of anything chambered in that caliber. Rather than matching the weapons, the boxes were sized for the most efficient use of space in standardized crates, as these were what the ordnance would be transported in.

    Ade, very nice box and a great story, too. Thanks for sharing!

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    WRA stands for Winchester Repeating Arms and it is 9mm rather than 8mm on the headstamp. I have a load of .303 WRA empties knocking about somewhere.

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