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Advice on metal detecting for live ordnance

Article about: Hi guys any advice on how to find live rounds? Ive found many shell casings in my time metal detecting ww2 small arms testing facility's here in Canada but only few live rounds. I know some

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    Yes i know this.

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    Quote by MAP View Post
    Even small caliber rounds can be dangerous if they go off accidentially.
    Very true!! 30 some years ago, I had a .303 hang fire. I shot it and it didn't go BANG, So I ejected it and went to see if it was a light primer strike or just a dud and it detonated when it was in my hand.
    It blew a piece of the brass casing into my chest/armpit and it was a bent/curved piece of brass, so it curved up and under my right pectoral. That was a squirtter.

    So had to go to the hospital. They took Xrays and could see it under my muscle. Holy Shit was that a fun time on the table as the surgeon used forceps to dig down and around to pull it out.

    Lesson learned about using surplus ammo and what NOT TO DO when you get a hang fire

    Now this was not a relic found, But I wanted to tell you that a single rifle cartridge by itself can cause harm if handled and it detonates. Consider this if it was a larger cartridge.

    Semper Fi
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