Hello everyone,

I am once again looking for information on German rifle grenades.

For this reason I would like to ask you if anyone has ever seen a so-called "Fliegermaus":

An aerial bomb was made from the model 1914 rifle grenade. With an impact fuse and a cloth flag as a stabilizer. Initially, it is said to have been dropped by hand, later from automatic dropping machines.

Officially it was called "1-kg carbonite bomb" (C.B.1) or Ifl bomb (Infantry aircraft bomb), but was also known as Fliegermaus.

There are drawings and a little bit information in the literature, but I have never seen the real thing.

* I am looking for good photos of a real one (or a museum that keeps a real one)
* And for documents (reports, instructions, etc.)

Thanks for any information & greetings

Fliegermaus / German Rifle Grenade Model 1914 used as bombs