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Legalitys of owning inert ww2 ammo in Western Australia

Article about: Hi guys i was just selling this 25 pounder and head on a couple forums when i got this private message. Is it a grey area owning inert ammo??? This is the message i got... "I've got som

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    Default Re: Legalitys of owning inert ww2 ammo in Western Australia

    Quote by tailor marc View Post
    Yeah i may head down the cop shop without it and have a chat and let them know a time i will bring it in so i dont get shot walking in the front door. I will do my best to find out if i can keep it. Thats my main aim
    Hope it works out for you mate. I hope the cops use some common sense and you can work out a way to keep it.

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    Default Re: Legalitys of owning inert ww2 ammo in Western Australia

    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Wow...that shell And the case to boot is as empty and inert as a Mother in Law's head....and now you're stuck with it...So, what now, I wonder? Do you have to turn it in?
    I didn't know you knew my mother in law.

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    Hi....I don't think the Aust police are as Draconian as that. There are lots of old firing ranges in Aust that are now on privately owned land. I used to go to one of them in Brisbane and there were lots of shells there...Shrapnel, AP and Smoke. The owners of the land used to pile the shells up for me to collect whenever I was passing. Just speak to the cops and I'm sure you will have no problem. I know there probably ARE laws that are strict, but these are only there to be used in the direst cases. They need to be able to throw the book at you if the situation arises. What about the scenario of a shell, found on private land and given to you by the owner ?? Surely acceptable ?

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