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Mills Grenade

Article about: Hi, got this at a recent carboot and was wondering about its authenticity Thanks Brookes.

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    Default Mills Grenade

    Hi, got this at a recent carboot and was wondering about its authenticity

    Thanks Brookes.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mills Grenade   Mills Grenade  

    Mills Grenade   Mills Grenade  

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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    Im on the fence with this one, quite a few years ago there was an updated version of Richard the III , one of my customers was a foundry not far from the studios and effects dept, they cast about 600 grenade shells to exact specs, added threads to the right tolerance and size and then sent off for all the other parts to be added and painted, this grenade reminds me of that type, its in its raw condition as if the casting sprue has been left on and never painted, plus some of the attachments look like reproductions, but you may be lucky and have a completely unissued and untouched example, lets see if there are other comments

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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    I have the same feeling as Dave. The body itself is rather rough and as he mentions,
    sprue has not been removed. As well, the body casting seems to be a different
    type of alloy than I'm used to seeing..............

    Still, an interesting piece and hopefully it did not set you back too much.


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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    I'd go with ok .. as all the components are present, and it seems to be basically cleaned up ..

    JGW are a recognised manufacturer of grenades ...

    James Gibbons Wolverhampton.

    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    Normally id say there was doubt both ways but although there is a makers mark, the ones that were cast were copied from an original and obviously the mould showed the makers mark as well , the one here isnt too well defined which in itself doesnt prove much but with the other points s well im still not sure

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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    Thanks for taking a look guys.It's not my normal field of collecting,but as it wasn't costing the earth, i thought i'd take a punt.

    Cheers Brookes.

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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    .......... !


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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    Whatever it is its still a nice piece and will display well, try to remove the sprue with a file and if preferred paint it a dark green or brown then varnish with a satin coat

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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    Here is what they 'normally' look like. There is a brown laquer
    coating on the surface, along with markings...........
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mills Grenade  


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    Default Re: Mills Grenade

    Leave the gren exactly as it is.
    Gibbons manufactured a lot of drill and practice grenades that were made from imperfect castings. They were also zinc plated to denote they were for practice throwing.
    A very nice item.
    Cheers, Paul.

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