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Need help stielhandgranate m24

Article about: Hello everyone i have a question about this item, what do you think about it? I know for sure that the handle is not from this grenade because it is in better condition than the head but is

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    What is curious though is that the green (as awful as it may or may not be) also has signs of a WaA stamp in whire on the top - which may or may not be original? The green does look like it was done some time ago. For the right price I wouldn't turn my nose up at it, everyone has their own feelings when it comes to such things after all.

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    The Waffenampt on the top also concerned me. I have about four M24s in my collection in various states of condition, but none has that stamp, even those with no overpaint don’t have this. But lots of wartime pics show these in place. I guess it was more random as to how these were applied?

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