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The ones I won't shoot

Article about: Filled up a drawer today full of ammo I won't actually fire. Either because it's rare or rare in my collection alone I've decided to hold on to them.

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    Quote by Rescue190 View Post
    Yes, my round count does not include supplies to reload more. You just never know.

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    Nice collection Cous. A very impressive assortment.

    The only rounds that I used to reload was .303 Brit. I have a sporterized P14 that was glass bedded in a Fagen Monte Carlo stock.(X wife smashed it in half. Yeah note the X part) Now it rest in a bubba mil surps stock. I used to hunt with it back in PA, So I played around with bullet weight(96-180 grain) and different powders. That Bad Boy can shoot cloverleaf patterns at 100 yards. My buddy has all the reloading gear so I head over to his house whenever in need.
    Semper Fi

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    Dumb question from me! do any of you fellas reload like what I used to do? press, scales etc..
    Not a dumb question, but YES! I enjoy it and have even expanded into other different milsurp calibers (looking at you, 8X56R...!).

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    Unbelievable amount for personal use

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    Never said it was all for personal use. We are able to buy and sell for profit as well.

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    The closest to original .303 In Mk VII ball that I have found is the Prvi Partizan 174 Grn FMJ. I tested it in our lab and it's performance against the original is virtually identical.

    It works a treat through my 1916 SMLE which is quite pickey on what it is fed. At the cost of that in UK it is almost as cheap to buy the rounds as opposed to components.

    On the other hand my 1916 G98 will shoot anything so I use the Prvi Partizan 198 Grn FMJ through that as well as it is easy to obtain, cheap and just as accurate as any of the others (including original WW1 dataed 7.92mm Ball).

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