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Picked up some nice Piat projectiles

Article about: Managed to get hold of a box of (approx 5 in pieces) Piat projectiles from a brocante in N.France recently. Salvaged 2 complete decent ones with a few spare leftovers. First time I have seen

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    Ah Francis,

    Thank you for you fan mail. You are quite right, you do not know me. If any of my humour offends or is not understood please let me know INSTANTANEOUSLY, (I would insert a smiley little picture here, but as you know I have no humour).

    As for 'implied attitudes', well they are very much like opinions, often perceived and equally often wrong. So, the reason I asked about the method of disposal was that if you were in Lincolnshire, (Bomber county) then I would have given advice as to how to safely do so, (as you are in my old patch, (I have a wider remit nowadays)). A one liner would have explained the fact that you were in France and that you had adopted the local methods. As I have worked there with my friends the Sécurité Civile I understand their methods and the differences of a dirty area to the fields of England. Due to volume the requirements for different techniques to be employed is obvious to those of us in the business. Indeed during the several weeks of duty I did there collecting the myriad of items found in the Somme region I found it was an excellent experience and great learning opportunity.

    So as with my expectations, more my experience i think, but as you said you don't know me so pre-judgement would be foolish. So to round it off the bottom line was that the offer was of help not hindrance. It was offered freely and as you know its is always for the guidance of wise men, but the strict adherence of fools.

    As for 'Z' gate, feel free to use either Z or S, it is indeed a free country, what would I know, I only do this for a living. But personally I will continue to use the S only for items which are accompanied with terms such as 13 Amp.

    Thank you for your good wishes for the weekend, I had a lovely one. Indeed the 100+ Lbs of venison in the freezer bear testament to that. I must go as I too have to work and there are some pesky Guided Missiles that need attention from my people, (although I'd rather be hunting, or conducting some archaeology, or on the demolition ground or any number of other things rather than electric bullets!). Still it pays the bills!

    Have a fine week, do not work too hard, at your age you should be taking it easy, seriously, nobody will thank you if you work yourself into an early grave.

    P.S. Love the wikipedia quote. They are so awful aren't they! Again I would insert a smiley yet ironic face but you know.......

    P.P.S My father was a Halifax Pilot during the last live firing exercise and spent his time in Yorkshire, (Gods County) and full of bombers. Again Smiley faces in abundance!

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    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Picked up some nice Piat projectiles  
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    Hi Vegetius.
    thank you for taking the time to respond and also for correcting me on a couple of points.
    As we now have both agreed, I do not know you, most likely never will. Crikey, most people don't even know themselves, nothing implied. But, I do feel that I have more of an understanding of where you are coming from, ( I do hate these Americanisms but it sums up rather quickly).

    It would appear that I grasped the wrong end of stick, so to speak, but I was only able to go on the short, abrupt messages that you first posted. To me they came across a little judgemental, demanding and, dare I say, arrogant. Taken out of context I believe many people would haven take this view. I think that (after reading your reply) this was misconstrued on my part. A man with special skills, that has clearly been around the block and of few words. Why waste them unnecessarily? You say it as it is.

    This I feel is the downside of the written word when subtle nuances, body language, and timbre of voice are all but lost. I really have enjoyed the little 'back and forth' we have shared, and as it should be, I always want to improve and iron out imperfections (on my side) where possible. I always like to and am willing, to learn. future,instead of jumping to conclusions I will keep an open mind, after all, if I had simply said, 'why do you ask?' all this would have been sidestepped.
    But then, where is the fun in that?
    Nice to have been in touch, and thank you for this little lesson.
    with respect
    Happy hunting.

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