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Schutzpolizei bayonets

Article about: A few Bundesarchiv photos of Schutzpolizei bayonets which may be of interest

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    Default Schutzpolizei bayonets

    A few pre 3rd Reich Bundesarchiv photos of Schutzpolizei bayonets which may be of interest
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Schutzpolizei bayonets   Schutzpolizei bayonets  

    Schutzpolizei bayonets  

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    Incredible In wear photo Richie... rare and very obscure are these type of bayonets seen worn in period photos. Awesome!! Regards Larry
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    Well armed policemen!! Bayonets, pistols and rifles. Great photos. Thank you. MAR

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    Great photos!...

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    Great pictures! You can really get a feel for how long these original Prussian bayonets are and why they were shortened during the Nazi period.


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    Beautiful in-wear pics. Not just Polizei Seitengewehr but clamshells pre grind, great to see!

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    Yes some nice period pictures indeed thank you. timothy

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    A few more Polizei side arm photos.

    Schutzpolizei bayonetsSchutzpolizei bayonetsSchutzpolizei bayonetsSchutzpolizei bayonets

    Interesting to see both the combat S98/05 (Butcher) bayonet and the Polizei "dress" seitengewehr in wear. The Polizei seemed to have used the S98/05 as their rifle bayonet from the 1920's well up to the early 1940's. We do know they were supplied with S84/98 bayonet in the WW2 years but their stock of S98/05's may have continued in use to the end of the war. However there are some examples of Polizei S98/05 that have had the blade and crossguard reshaped as a S84/98 presumably as the later bayonet came to be introduced.

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