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Fake Death Card - Johann Eichinger

Article about: I checked and could not find a thread specifically dealing with fake Death Cards so I thought I would post this one I acquired yesterday for Johann Eichinger. I recently put a video out on Y

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    Quote by Milcollector1914 View Post
    It's been a while since I have posted a fake card, this one for Franz Ganslmeyer.
    Attachment 1714832
    Attachment 1714831

    As can be seen in the below closeups, this one features diagonal lines on the photograph and back plate instead of the correct dot pattern, and has pixelation on the text and Iron Cross typical of a modern printer. The staining was almost certainly added to give the card a "worn" look, in the hopes of avoiding scrutiny.

    Attachment 1714830
    Attachment 1714833
    Attachment 1714834
    Hi Connor.

    Thank you for adding another example. I agree with you that the faker must have added the staining. I have seen this done in the past with award documents, but this is the first time seeing this 'technique' used on a death card.

    Kind regards,


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    Circuit advertisement Fake Death Card - Johann Eichinger
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    Ironically the picture of Ganzlmeyer, appears to show him wearing a Polizei feldmutze. There is no such person listed on the Volksbund database. Sadly the production of such fakes feeds upon our own collecting addiction and highlights the need for caution and discussion with fellow enthusiasts before parting with money.

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    Hi Guys,

    I believe I have a fake card. I compared it to what you have shown and looks to be similar. Also, I expected that it would be actual card like stock similar to a business card. But this seems to be paper. Is that correct, that they were made with stiff stock and not paper flimsy? Any how here it is. Luckly it was cheap if its fake.


    Fake Death Card - Johann EichingerFake Death Card - Johann Eichinger

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    I would not call yours fake per say, but it may be one one that has been reprinted after the war. if it is on very thin paper stock. This is actually quite common place, because apart from having cards at the service on the day during 39-45, families would regularly get the cards reprinted for their sons/father/brothers memorial days, reburials after the war or Volksbund mass grave memorials.


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    Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to know that was common practice. I'm a little sad though since it's my first death card purchase and not what I originally thought it was going to be. With that being said, I'm going to keep it anyway, as I still like it. Does anyone else have these type in their collection? (thin paper).


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    Hi Rose, thank you for posting!

    Looking at your card I would say it is a wartime printed card. The inclusion of the swastika on the Iron Cross is the best tell this is a wartime card and not a post war reprint. Due to the denazification laws after the war they would not have been able to use that stamp if they reissued it for a memorial. I think the dot pattern looks fine on the photo, and the ink on the text looks good as well for a wartime produced card. To answer your question about paper quality, quite a few are printed on what feels like regular paper. I only have a handful of cards that are wartime printed that use a thicker cardstock. The actual paper thickness/quality can variy quite dramatically though.


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    Hi Conner,

    Thanks for your input! If I zoomed in really close it looked similar to the one you had posted. I feel better knowing from you guys that the thickness can vary and wasn't always thick paper.

    Thanks again guys!


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    I do concur with the earlier comments above. There is nothing wrong with Ludwig's sterbebild as regards paper or quality. For me every example is unique to the name and face they represent. The circumstances come later when a casualty card or information on the place of death is known.

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