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Hitler postcard help

Article about: Hey guys just needed help with this postcard I think it is. It's 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", I thought this might be a pic at first glance until I saw the back. This is a postcard right? I kn

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    Default Hitler postcard help

    Hey guys just needed help with this postcard I think it is. It's 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", I thought this might be a pic at first glance until I saw the back. This is a postcard right? I know the condition is pretty bad, some creases and the heap of green stuff on the back that blocks the part of the heading from being read. Any suggestions how to maybe get that crap off? I tried to translate some but realized how long it could take so am asking for help with that if possible too. I came up with was a gift or donation being presented. Any more info regarding the written text and the card itself would be appreciated, and of course opinions on originality too please. I know I'm asking for a lot so thanks in advance to anyone who can help! Jeff B.Hitler postcard helpHitler postcard helpHitler postcard helpHitler postcard helpHitler postcard helpHitler postcard helpHitler postcard help

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    Hoffmann was Hitlers favored photographer and it looks original. It is something to do with the the American German league and the 1936 Olympics. I think it ends with greetings from the homeland before the Seig Heil.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    "Presentation of the golden book, to you and the Ortsguppe (town) heartfelt greetings from the homeland, Sieg Heil" signed Fritz Kuhn

    Fritz Kuhn was the leader of the German-American Bund, a pro-nazi movement in the US during the 1930s...

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    Wow, I appreciate the really timely responses guys. By the time I got off work I had my questions answered, and only worked half day today. That's probably one of the top reasons I prefer this forum over any others. Every single post I've submitted for help/opinions since I joined has been replied to in quick fashion. I can always count on courteous,knowledgeable,and expedient replies. Every moderator in each of the forums I've submitted to has been excellent and the members are just as great. I always learn something new and today was no exception. Not trying to come across like a butt-kissing broken record here,just trying to give appreciation where its due. Thanks for all your time and help. So what kind of armband/uniforms are these guys wearing in the photo?I know the armband insignia is kinda blurry, any thoughts? Thanks! Jeff B.

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    I use a small, sharp blade to scrape away glue residue - such as the pen blade
    on a Swiss Army knife, however you have to be careful not to remove
    any written or printed areas.........


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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    Thanks for the tip, gonna try a little spot on area that looks like there's no print underneath. I can see some bubbling on photo around perimeter of glue gob where its spread or spreading and destroying the pic, have a feeling its on there pretty good and wanted some advice before going to it. Thanks for the help. Jeff

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    Part of the armband insignia COULD BE the symbol from their flag & stickpin?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Hitler postcard help   Hitler postcard help  


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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    Its tough to tell zwerge, even under strong magnification I can't really make out what is on the armband. It looks like it could be their insignia though. So judging by responses would anyone say this is not a postcard but a picture written and signed by Fritz Kuhn? My very first thought was it looked like a picture but when I saw print on back with spot for postage to go I thought postcard. But if it was taken by Hitlers photographer sounds like more of a picture perhaps. And it seems like an odd front picture to have for a postcard. More like a photograph shot I think. Any thoughts anyone? And how common might a pic with Fritz Kuhn's sig. be? Thanks. Jeff

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    Fritz Kuhn was an extremely un-likeable person-even by Hitler himself. He eventually was brought down by the Mayor of New York for embezzling $14,000 from the Bund's funds and spending quite abit of it on his mistress. He was sentenced on December 3,1939 to 2 1/2-5 years in prison for tax evasion and embezzlement. After he was released from prison, he was again arrested-this time by the Federal Government for being an enemy agent. He was sent to an internment camp in Texas and was there when they revoked his US citizenship in 1943. After the war's end, he was released from the camp and immediately deported to Germany and ended up dying a poor and obscure end there in 1951.
    I would imagine that his autographed photos are not all that common, so this one should be worth considerable value-even in the condition it's in.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Hitler postcard help

    The center device on Kuhn's black armband is indeed the golden "flaming Swastika over the AV cypher"-device as seen on the flag posted by Zwerge. It is flanked by the letters "OD" for "Ordnungsdienst" [= order service], although the "D" is not visible in the photograph.

    The photo was taken on the occasion of Kuhn's (very brief) audience with Hitler on 2 August 1936. (A wholly unremarkable event whose significance was hugely overstated by Kuhn.)

    The "Golden Book" mentioned in the text outlined the history of National Socialism in the USA and listed the names and donations (totalling some 3,000 $) made by Bund members to the WHW, which were also presented on the same occasion.

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