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Post your death notices

Article about: That depends really Dagon, i can read the printed words on the death cards but actual handwritting can be a totally different matter, it can be quite difficult sometimes but i could try

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    Hi Martin.

    That is a fantastic portrait.

    Here are the details.

    Name: Martin Glötzl
    Rank: Schütze
    Birth Date: 2 November 1921
    Birth Place: Neuötting Obb.
    Military Unit: 6./Kompanie SS Standarte Westland
    Death Date: 5 January 1942
    Death Place: 22.50 uhr Reserve Lazarett Bielitz

    His cause of death is noted as Verstorben: Zwerchfelllücke infolg Durchschuss mit Magen und Darmeinklemmung (Deceased: diaphragmatic gap resulting in bullet penetration with stomach and intestinal entrapment)

    I couldn't find an entry for Martin on the Volksbund.

    I haven't seen this cause of death before, but it Looks like he may have had a problem with his diaphragm, possibly an hiatus hernia and a blocked intestinal tract.

    Post your death notices

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks Will, that is different information than a heroic death for the beloved Fatherland.
    A stomach through and through and everything destroyed by impact and kinetic energy.
    Agony is the word my translator comes up with...

    Westland was not known to me, that again is great information, thank you.

    This is one of the cards I stared so long at, that Martin almost seems acquainted. I guess more picture and Bilder collectors know what I mean.

    Again: your information will be filed with the card, I am so happy with this piece of information!

    Best wishes,

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    My pleasure Martin. I totally agree with you about the heroic death. Being severely wounded and laying in hospital for months before passing away.

    I know the feeling about becoming acquainted very well.

    Kind regards,


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