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Article about: That depends really Dagon, i can read the printed words on the death cards but actual handwritting can be a totally different matter, it can be quite difficult sometimes but i could try

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    Gebirgsjäger Ersatz Bataillon 98 Mittenwald - Johann Stoib

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    Name: Johann Stoib
    Rank: Jäger
    Birth Date: 8 January 1923
    Birth Place: Hagelmühle Rohrdorf Baÿern
    Military Unit: Gebirgsjäger Ersatz Bataillon 98 Mittenwald
    Death Date: 25 October 1942
    Death Place: 22.45 Reserve Lazarett Dresden I

    His cause of death is noted as Verstorben: Herz und Kreislaufstörungen (Deceased: Heart and circulatory disorders)

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    There is no Volksbund entry for Johann.

    Gebirgsjäger Ersatz Bataillon 98 was mobilized on 26 August 1939 in Mittenwald, Wehrkreis VII. The battalion was subordinate to the 157 Division and provided replacement troops for 1. Gebirgs Division

    Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 98 - Lexikon der Wehrmacht.

    Standort Mittenwald -

    Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 98 - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

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    An interesting card and more interesting unit for Hermann Haslach. I believe there has been other cards posted here for avalanche victims. I have just recently seen another card to a soldier lost in an avalanche.

    The other card, for Johann Krutzenbichler, poses that his death was probably very gruesome. The brutal nature of a hand-to-hand encounter.

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    Hi Ben.

    It is an interesting unit and I would hazard a guess that because of his rank, Hermann Haslach was an instructor. It shows how dangerous training for soldiers can be. I totally agree with you about Johann Kreutzenbichler and the way he fell. I would imagine at times that fighting on the eastern front would have resembled that of the trenches during first war world.

    Kind regards,


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    Nice cards Will. The avalanche is another unfortunate accident like card we talked about, Alois Ritzer dying on his way home from the front. I wonder if other soldiers died with him in the avalanche. Sad story. The fellow stabbed to death was no doubt gruesome. Are accidents common?

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    Quote by rheppler View Post
    Nice cards Will. The avalanche is another unfortunate accident like card we talked about, Alois Ritzer dying on his way home from the front. I wonder if other soldiers died with him in the avalanche. Sad story. The fellow stabbed to death was no doubt gruesome. Are accidents common?
    Thanks Rose. I agree, a very unfortunate accident for sure. Alois Ritzer was a very sad one, especially as he was likely looking forward to being home and safe. I looked for other casualties from the avalanche incident and Hermann appears to be the only one. It is gruesome and as Ben says it shows the brutal nature of hand to hand combat. Accidents are very common and you see all sorts. Accidental gun shots, munitions explosions, crashes, being run over, killed by a horse, alcohol poisoning, drownings, falls etc etc. Illnesses and alignments are a common cause. But I think the strangest one I have seen is where someone died due to a spider bite.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi guys,

    Here is my first Death notice. After some questioning on my part, it seems to be a good one.

    Here is the volksbund info, and I believe this to be his casualty card. It doesn't appear to have a backside? Does it say he was shot in the head?

    Date of birth

    Place of birth

    Death/missing date

    Death/missing place
    Südl. Nowo-Bakanskaja

    Service rank

    Post your death noticesPost your death noticesPost your death notices
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    Cause of death is correct.

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    To be fully complete, Vollmeier was a Gefreiter in the 8th company of Gebirgsjäger Regiment 13 and he fell in the Kuban Bridgehead.

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    1./Fährenflotille der Luftwaffe - Johann Zinser

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    Name: Johann 'Hans' Alexander Zinser
    Rank: Unteroffizier Geschutz-Fuhrer
    Birth Date: 24 May 1919
    Birth Place: Bingen, Rhineland
    Military Unit: 1./Fährenflotille der Luftwaffe
    Death Date: 13 December 1942
    Death Place. Kertsch

    His cause of death is noted as Schwer Verwundet: Beim Minen auflauf der Fähre 13 (Severely wounded: Ferry 13 runs into mines).

    Post your death notices

    Post your death notices

    Hans Zinser was not recovered during our re-interment activities. The planned transfer to the collective cemetery in Sewastopol - Gontscharnoje Ukraine was, therefore, unfortunately not possible. His name will be recorded in the cemetery's memorial book.

    I found one more casualty from the incident.

    Name: Jürgen Lauer
    Rank: Obergefreiter
    Birth Date: 30 December 1917
    Birth Place: Neuholzkrug Krs. Flensburg
    Military Unit: 1./Fährenslottille der Luftwaffe
    Death Date: 12 December 1942
    Death Place: Kertsch

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    Luftwaffen-Fährenflotille I

    Formed 2.42 in Constanza from parts of Flak-Abteilung 505, Fähren-Ausbildungs- und Ergänzungs-Abteilung and Sonderkommando Siebel, with 12 Siebel ferries and 5 or 6 Infanterie-Transporter (I-boote), and was subordinated to Luftwaffen-Nachschubstab Rumänien.

    In Spring 1942 moved to Otschakow and later to Nikolayev. From 15.6.42 transported by rail from Nikolayev to Kertsch (Asow Meer). Main duties included transport of supplies over the Kertsch strait.

    In 5.43 disbanded, and was absorbed by the Navy's 3rd Landungs-Flotille (as the 4th Group).

    The following ships are known to have served with Luftwaffen-Fährenflotille I:

    Siebel ferries: SF111, SF114 - 123, SF145
    I-Transporter: I-O-80, I-O-81, I-O-84, I-O-106, and 2 others

    3 losses are known:

    One mined off Jeisk 11.7.42
    One mined off Jeisk 10.8.42
    One lost off Mariupol 16.8.42

    Two of these losses were SF119 and SF123.

    Luftwaffen-Fährenflotillen -

    5 landing/transport flotillas were formed by the Luftwaffe during World War 2, and used mainly Siebel ferries and Infanterie-Transporter, both designed by the Luftwaffe. They were mainly used for transport duties, especially between Sicily and Tunisia.

    The Infanterie-Transporter were self-propelled barges mainly built in Holland and Belgium. They could carry about 7 tons or 40 combat troops, and were armed with light MGs. Variants include hospital and repair barges.

    Post your death notices

    Post your death notices

    The Siebel ferry were built at many small yards in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. They could carry about 60-80 tons, and were armed with light MGs and later a 37mm gun. Many variants were built: AA/Artillery ferries with 88mm guns, hospital ferries and repair ferries.


    Siebel ferry (Siebelfähre) -

    Siebel ferry - Wikipedia

    Siebelfahre Plus - Weapons and Warfare

    Lexikon der Wehrmacht - Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

    Colour photos -

    Siebel Ferries in Service with the Heer and Luftwaffe -

    The Historical Naval Archive -

    I found a little bit of information about Johanns wife and it appears she passes away in 1952.

    Erna Zinser in the Baden and Hesse Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1502-1985

    Name: Erna Zinser
    Maiden Name: Zoller
    Death Age: 35
    Event Type: Beerdigung (Burial)
    Birth Date 18 April 1917
    Death Date: 7 June 1952
    Burial Date: 10 June 1952
    Burial Place: Mannheim, Baden (Baden-Württemberg), Preußen
    Father: Karl Zoller
    Mother: Anna Maria Zoller
    Spouse: Johann Alexander Zinser
    Parish as it Appears: Mannheim

    It looks like their daughter, Marlene emigrated to the US after the war. She married Delynn H. Barkdull (29 January 1930 - 13 NOV 2004) on the 18 September 1961 in Fillmore, Utah

    Post your death notices

    Marlene Barkdull, born Zinser (29 August 1941, Manheim, Germany - 2 September 2016)
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    Hi All,

    Here is the Sterbebild from SS-Sturmmann Alfred Hintersteiniger. There is a minimum of information on this one, just the Alfred met his fate at the invasion front and lost his young life at the age of just 19 years old. Alfred looks to be depicted in a double breasted SS Panzerjacke / wrapper?

    I wonder if there is some more information to be found? ( I almost automatically typed Willmore after this question , but I do not take all the help for granted! I am grateful for all the trouble you and several other members go through every time!)

    I assume that if Alfred indeed was a member of an SS Panzer Division, there are a few possibilities? Leibstandarte, Das Reich, Hohenstaufen, Frundsberg, Hitlerjugend, Götz von Berlichingen and the 101st and 102nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalions? I am not a human WW2 database; I literally shut my e-reader 2 hours ago, finishing 'Michael Wittmann & the Waffen SS Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte in WWII' Great read, recommended!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Post your death notices   Post your death notices  

    Post your death notices   Post your death notices  

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