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Help required on photo

Article about: If you have his name, I can check the Rocznik Oficerski from 1928 and 1932 - it will list his unit and decorations if he's in either. Let me know. Cheers, Brandon

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    Default Help required on photo

    I am hoping that there is someone in this forum who is an expert on Polish Units and uniforms who can help me with information on the following photo or any details that can be picked out.

    This photo is of my grandfather in law born 1904, Głogów Małopolski, Podkarpackie(former Lwowskie)..... He sadly died in 1982 so never got to meet him to ask him anything about his life and only little info is known.....

    Only two pictures exsist today, one is the one below and also one just before the WW2 in which i know he is a Policjant in the Policja Państwowa, however the other photo i dont know much about..... I thinking maybe the cavalry unit of the Artylery or the Cavarly of the Boarder Guard..... In my view it is taken in the 20s sometime.....

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Hey K.Cenowski you've been very patient. Here's my best guess, hope these images help. Definetly a cavalry collar badge and the cross on the other three soldiers is possibly for the gun school.


    1)Szkola Podchorazych Rezerwy Kawalerii
    2)Kursy podoficerow ujezdzacz koni
    3)Kursy instruktorow jazdy konnej
    4)Kursy podoficerow Zawodowych Kawalerii
    5)Domniemana Odznaka Szwadronu Szkolnego Karabinow

    1)School of the Cavalry Reserve
    2)NCO Courses roughrider
    3)Courses riding instructors
    4)Cavalry NCO Professional Courses
    5)The Gun School Squadron badge
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help required on photo   Help required on photo  

    Attached Images Attached Images Help required on photo  Help required on photo  Help required on photo 

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Not enough details are visibile on photos so it is really difficult to judge. In my opinion they could be from one of horse or field/heavy artillery regiments. I cant say if there are any collar patches or cavalry signs visible on their collars. Crosses on their chests are regimental badges - for sure they are not school badges like Chris suggested above. If i have to choose i would rather say field or heavy artillery - but this colors on their hats and collars doesn't really look too green. They seemed to be dark - and i can't notice any shape of horse artillery emblems over there (collar).

    Another idea could be sappers. Maybe 1 Batalion Saperów Legionów ? Sappers had black-red collar patches. They wore this type of boots also, so all details seems to fit. Badge of unit seems similiar:

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Hey Pat I think you've got a better grasp on the image. On closer examination of the close up can see how I mistook the thick vertical weave on the collar for a collar badge. Good discussion though, it got this thread moving.

    Last edited by ChrisW01; 10-30-2011 at 09:10 PM.

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Many thanks for the input so far..... Is there any chance that the soldier on the far rights medal looks to anyone else as it does to me to be the medal of the 9 Ułanów Małopolskich?

    The only thing i can think was that is was a previous medal from a previous unit as i do not see any insignia in the collor that im familiar with as to the Ułany.....

    The only thing i can really tell of my Grandfather in law from the photo is that he is an Officer, 2 part belt, Officers version of the wz.19 and black leather gloves..... Anymore ideas would be much appreciated.....

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Well ... 9th Malopolski should have such amaranth-white emblems on their collars:

    I can't see such emblems on their collars. They are very dark - in my opinion no chance that they could be white/amaranth. Here's a modern example of this regiment uniform:

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    That was my thought process also on the matter, there is no insignia in the collar at all but i cant see any other medal from cavalry that fits the shape on the far right, so that's why i assumed he was a former member of the 9 Ułanów Małopolskich.

    Its really bugging me as to what sort of unit or year it is, i can rule out the legions as he wasn't old enough to of been in the legions, he was only 20 at the time of the Polsko-bolszewik War, and here he is already an Officer leaving me to the conclusion its some time in the 20's.

    Cavarly section of the KOP or some sort of Artillery Cavalry are other possibilities but can't be sure.

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Have you tried contacting Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe? You can email them in English but should include a Polish transcript as well. If your grandfather was an officer there is a good chance there are records of him. Did he serve during the Sept 1939 campaign or with exiled Polish forces in Europe or the Middle-east and Italy?


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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Centrum Archiwum Wojskowe are not too forthcoming with information, as lot of it is protected, however i have some forms for sending to the IPN but its long process.

    It is told that he was in the East of Poland during the 39 campaign, and then he was in the Policja Państwowa, however before the Soviets came from the East he was granted leave to visit he sick Mother, and when he made it back on hearing of the sitiutation he found all his collegues had been taken, eventually being murdered in Katyń, after that he went into what is just said as hiding, so not sure what he did or who he fought with if he did. Only 2 pictures and not a lot of info to work from so is difficult.

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    Default Re: Help required on photo

    Going from some recent photos on the net that i have just found im finding myself heavily swayed to the idea that the picture is of the Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza.

    The collar seem to be jet black background and the caps and early 20s style with also jet black or some sort of dark center section....

    Does anyone else think that the following photos have extreme resemblance to the photo in question as for the uniforms and color.

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