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Katyn victims

Article about: Copy of a letter sent by his wife to Red Cross in Chicago, USA. She explains that she had not heard of her husband, other than through other people. She says that he was last seen working at

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    I checked all the names of Police Officers murdered in Miednoje, there is no Dybala, I checked all the Katyn and Charkow lists also and no Dybala.

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    Thanks for the information regarding police uniforms and insignia, and thanks for checking the lists, gentlemen. If any other information comes to light, please let me know.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I came across the following Dyplom today awarded to a Charkow victim :

    Katyn victims

    Awarded to Por. Piotr Aleksander Chuderski 44pp

    Katyn victims

    Ppor Piotr Aleksander Chuderski later promoted to Porucznik (1st January 1931) and later in 1930s to Kapitan.

    Piotr Aleksander Chuderski the son of Jan and Anieli (nee Góral ). born 12th or the 18th June 1896 in Mytnicy, served in the 44PP and the K.O.P., awarded the Cross of Independence, Cross of Valour and Bar, Silver Cross of Merit, Bronze Cross of Merit, 1918-1921 War Commemorative Medal, 10th Anniversary of Independence Medal , 20 Years Long Service Medal, 1o Years Long Service Medal.

    Best wishes


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    Quote by Krakow1 View Post
    Murdered in Charkow, 1940.
    I'm new to the forum, I bow to the veterans. I have been visiting your wonderful forum for a few years (Tony, your fame precedes you) incognito. The thread about the Katyn victims motivated me to log in:
    #173 Porucznik/rotmistrz (lieutenant/cavalary captain) Wacław Skrodzki, last adiutant of the 27th Uhlan Regiment. Murdered in Charkov together with the regiment commander, lt. colonel Józef Pająk and several regiment officers.
    His only daughter died childless, as I know. The documents, badges, souvenirs scattered around Poland.
    I,ve KOP badge in excellent condition, perfectly made in silver by Reising, Warsaw. I’ve two documents too. Regards Kris Katyn victimsKatyn victimsKatyn victimsKatyn victims

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    Hello Kris, welcome aboard. Thank you for sharing these treasures from your collection. Hopefully you will be able to locate and reunite more of the dispersed items that belonged to rotmistrz Skrodzki.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Hello Toni,
    Thank you for your welcome. The memory of Captain Skrodzki (as well as the other victims) should survive. If I meet someone who has collected more of his items, I can trade mine for other items that interest me.


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