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my Grandfather

Article about: I don't know very much about my grandfather, Teofil Hebda except that he was in the Polish army and served in the Border Protection Corps in the current Belarussian territory during the Russ

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    Default my Grandfather

    my Grandfather
    I don't know very much about my grandfather, Teofil Hebda except that he was in the Polish army and served in the Border Protection Corps in the current Belarussian territory during the Russian Polish war and he fought in the underground during WW2. His wife and family were sent to Siberia by the Russians were they all perished except for my mother and her Grandfather

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    my Grandfathermy Grandfathermy Grandfathermy Grandfathermy Grandfather

    In the first pic my grandfather is on the wagon at the Hungarian border. In the last pic I believe that's him on the very right.

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    登录 Facebook
    I hope this is ok to share here, I found this on Facebook, very interesting read.

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    my Grandfathermy Grandfather

    This was a letter from my Grandmother who was taken to Kaszakhstan with the rest of the family were she perished along with most of the children. I have no idea what it says and would appreciate it if someone could translate it. Hope it is ok here. Thank you very much in advance!

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    Hello Chris57,

    A letter in Polish. You can translate it with Goolge Translator. If you have any doubts, feel free to write.

    "Kustanajsku cowhoz (means: Kustanajski kołchoz)

    Kochani Moi! Piszę do Was już po raz szósty bez żadnej odpowiedzi. Nie wiem czym to wytłumaczyć. Czy to możliwe żebyście moich listów nie otrzymali, ja od Was dostałam 8/X pisany 10/IX. Pisałam Wam w listach swoich o naszym strasznym nieszczęściu, o śmierci Tereni 20/IX i Hani 6/X. Czyście te listy dostali? Dlaczego nie odpisujesz Tatusiu? Zostawiasz mnie samą w moim nieukojonym bólu? Czekam na list Twój już drugi miesiąc pełna rozpaczy. Chciałam nadać telegram, ale nie przyjmują. Ja i Irka jesteśmy zdrowe, Danusia drugi tydzień chora, ma grypę albo malarię. Całuję Cię Tatuśku - Frania i córki."

    And vertical text on the left edge:

    "Ucałowanie rączek Mamusi i pozdrowienia Wiktorowi"

    A letter addressed to (from the bottom picture):

    Deutschland, województwo Krakowskie, powiat i poczta Brzesko, wieś Porąbka Uszewska, Ludwika Hebdowa/Gebdowa (?)

    Hope that it help.


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    WOW. That is a sad one.
    Used Google translate. I hope it is correct.

    "My beloved! I am writing to you for the sixth time without any reply. I don't know how to explain it. Is it possible that you didn't receive my letters, I got from you 8 / X, written on 10 / IX. I wrote to you in my letters about our terrible misfortune, about the deaths of Terenia 20 / IX and Hania 6 / X. Did you get these letters? Why don't you write back, Daddy? Are you leaving me alone in my unresolved pain? I've been waiting for your letter for the second month full of despair. I wanted to make a telegram, but they are not accepting. I and Irek are healthy, Danusia is sick for the second week, has flu or malaria. I kiss you Daddy - Frania and daughters "

    Vertical text on left edge.

    "Kissing Mummy's hands and greetings to Wiktor"

    Looking at what you the OP said,
    I will add that Kaszakhstan is not Siberia.

    Semper Fi

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    Thank you very much for the translation, It's much appreciated. My grandmother passed away shortly after this from Typhoid I believe. My mother and aunt survived and ended up in an orphanage run by French nuns Isfahan, Persia. From there they went to Lebanon and ended up in London where my mother met my father who was in the U.S. Army during the Korean war (a Polish WW2 refugee also) and got married and immigrated to Detroit, MI.

    My grandfather was arrested by the communists for his actions in the AK during the war and IN prisoned for several years and was a broken man when finally released and passed away.

    I believe they were in Siberia before they moved to Kazakhstan. Everyone from that generation has passed and my brothers and I are trying to piece together what we can.

    Again, thank you very much!

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    Thank you for the translation Konrad, I have a real hard time with all the different punctuations in Polish. The horrible deeds and actions that the German and Russians imposed on the Polish people are not very well known or talked about. My parents and grandparents didn't talk about it very much which is understandable, very tragic and painful memories.

    Thank you,


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    Here you have long article about your grandfather.
    Jak hartowana stal - historia Teofila Hebdy "Błyskawicy" z Porąbki Uszewskiej - Gmina Dębno
    If google translator will not be useful for you I will try to translate it.

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