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My pre-WW2 Polish wz.31

Article about: Hello all, In an effort to reach the minimum 15 posts to remove that “watermark” obscuring the complete viewing of photos on this site, and partially due to boredom on a Friday night . . . h

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    Hi Filipe, I agree with your doubts about this one. The liner is not original, the chinstrap has issues, and the exterior anti reflective finish does not appear original.

    As far as the Brodie style helmet, that one is a puzzler. I've never seen anything like it. Fascinating helmet. I had not previously seen this thread. I will move it over to the Polish section for a while in order to give it some exposure to Polish collectors. Let's hope we get some input.

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    Hello Tony,
    Nobody bought the helmet and that also means something.
    I've already seen many photos of original Salamander WZ.31 helmets, now I know very well what to search for, and I also use mine like a very good example of what a correct and original Salamander paint looks like.
    Thank you for moving my thread and let's hope someone can give some new informations about my helmet.
    Best regards.

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    I got two new Polish helmets. One is from Germany(50€) and the helmet with liner is from France(100€).

    My pre-WW2 Polish wz.31My pre-WW2 Polish wz.31My pre-WW2 Polish wz.31My pre-WW2 Polish wz.31

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