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Photo of an officer and his child - suspect Polish military, any further info greatly appreciated!

Article about: Good afternoon all, I help with tough genealogy projects and have a new one. I have a these 2 photos of a gentleman who was serving in Europe (my guess is Polish army) who wrote to a family

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    Hi Kris,

    With your help, we have made magic happen.

    The name Chaja Riwe sparked for me, so I've found more records via Tarnopol that gives us the link between this Bardach family and the family who had the photo.

    Chaje Riwe Goldbaum is the daughter of Moses Goldbaum and Freude Podhorcer.

    Freude Podhorcer's parents are Mojzesz Podhorcer and Chaje Riwe Bilkaminicer.

    Freude's brother Chaim is the parent of the the man who received the letter titled 'Cousin'.

    We solved a long term mystery. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

    All my very best,

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    Hi Dawn,
    congratulations, great job.
    Do you know what happened to the major and his son during and after the war? I would like to know this, he was a Polish officer, he should be remembered.
    You can post me on e-mail good copies of the photos? Can I use them?
    My best regards

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