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British Awards for Polish Soldiers

Article about: Hi guys. I want to discuss with you one qestion. This is about british awards for polish soldiers. In my opinion, polish soldier can get for service following british awards: 1939/45 Star At

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    Hello Order,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, many thanks for your post with regards to the Wikipedia entry for Antoni Tyszarski, there are quiet a few awards and medals missing from his entry, were you the successful winner of this medal if so it could do with a clean and needs to be repaired by a specialist.

    They do not even post a photograph of him :

    British Awards for Polish Soldiers

    Kapral Antoni Tyszarski between 1928-1934

    British Awards for Polish Soldiers

    1934 Sports event of the 10th Corps by which time Antoni Tyszarski was a Plut. (Lance Sergeant)

    After his escape from Poland and trek to join Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade in the Middle East it was sent to aid the garrison at Tobruk, for his gallantry in leading a trench raid he was awarded the British Military Medal and also received the Cross of Valour (KW).

    After the amalgamation of the Brigade with the survivors arriving from the soviet union it became the Carpathian Rifle Division, whilst serving in the Italian Campaign his service number was : 1909-38-III, he was by then in 1944 a Sierz. serving in the 2BSK.

    By the end of the war in Europe he had also been awarded a Bar to the Cross of Valour and the silver Cross Virtuti Militari, he his not listed has a Recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross.

    His service pre September 1939 was 1928 - 3PPLeg (St.Szer.) 1934-1939 - 39PP.

    Born 17th February 1909 he returned to Poland after the war and died in Przeworsk on the 1st July 1987.

    He was awarded the following Awards :

    Polish :

    1) Wound Ribbon with 5 Stars

    2) Order Wojenny Virtuti Militari Legitymacja Numbered : 11001

    3) Cross of Valour and Bar

    4) Bronze Cross of Merit with Crossed Swords

    5) Army Medal

    British :

    6) Military Medal

    7) 1939-1945 Star

    8) Africa Star

    9) Italy Star

    10) 1939-1945 Defence Medal

    11) 1939-1945 War Medal

    I have also checked the National Archives to see if they have a copy of his Recommendation for his Military Medal, but could not find one, hopefully this will be rectified when the Book on Polish Recipients of British Gallantry awards is published later this year.

    I sincerely hope that the above information and photographs is of assistance to you Order and once again Welcome to the Forum.

    Best wishes


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    I am very grateful for the comprehensive information you've provided. My field of interest is Russian and Soviet awards for foreigners, but British awards for foreigners look interesting as well.
    And I'm not really sure if it was luck or misfortune, wrongfully entering maximum bid as 25000 instead of 2500

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    Hello Order,

    Many thanks for your reply, did you win the auction ?

    Best wishes


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    Yes I did. It is hard not to win when your limit is six times higher than the final price

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