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Ebay offerings

Article about: her endeth the 1st lesson.---------lol

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    Default Ebay offerings

    WW II Polish Home Army Warsaw Uprising WZ 31 Helmet Original | eBay

    Does anyone wish to comment on this offering and any other this vendor has posted?

    Copies and originals being offered by the same vendor.

    Thinning out a 30 year collection!

    What is a collector to make of this?


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    Im watching this other guys items and waiting back on feedback aswell.

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    Well his SSh-40 seems to be postwar Hungarian. I personally wouldn't buy anything from this guy.

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    Seems to be agreement in the parallel thread running in the Third Reich helmet section of the forum:
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    stay away imo

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    I have exchanged some emails with this guy, in my opinion someone sold him a boatload of junk and he really believes these are real, at least that was my impression.

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    Quote by A.J. Zawadzki View Post
    Seems to be agreement in the parallel thread running in the Third Reich helmet section of the forum:
    Indeed, not worth wasting time on nearly everything from this seller. Hard to say if he bought a crock of shite or is dishonest.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Why would a Polish helmet be marked with the Polish colours?

    German helmets and caps were prominently marked with Polish white eagles and or red and white colours so that the Polish insurgents knew in the heat of battle those wearing captured German helmets and uniforms were friends not foes.
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