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Monte Cassino Cross

Article about: Can anyone help me find out who was originally awarded a monte cassino cross with with serial number 7 079. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Monte Cassino Cross

    Can anyone help me find out who was originally awarded a monte cassino cross with with serial number 7 079. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Monte Cassino Cross

    Hi Jenski,

    The Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 7079 was awarded to:

    Rank: Plutowny (Lance Sergeant)

    Surname: Keidrowski

    Christian Name: Mieczyslaw

    Date of Birth: 1914

    Army Number: 1914-28-III

    Unit: 2 Komp. Z.i.T. (2nd Supply and transportation Company) 3DSK

    I hope that the above information is of some use and help.

    Best wishes


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    Hi guys, can anyone help me out on these please?? I have just bought a part Polish medal group, but have the most important medals which are 2. Monte Casino Cross's, which I'm told belonged to 2. Polish medical officers (captains) male and female, who became husband and wife after the war.

    They returned to Poland and both sadly dies in Poland. The numbers on the cross's are 42280 & 26538.
    I also have another separate cross numbered 32259.

    Any info on these would be very much appreciated. Regards. Steve

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    Hello Steve,

    In response to your request for information on the recipients of the following Monte Cassino Crosses : 26538, 32259, 42280, please find the requested information listed below:

    Monte Cassino Cross : 26538:

    Rank: Podporucznik (2nd Lieutenant)

    Surname: KWIECINSKI

    Christian Name: Tadeusz

    Date of Birth: 1908

    Army Service Number: (Also found on his ID Tags): 1908-314-III

    Unit: 5th Sanitation Company, 5KDP (5th Frontier Infantry Division)

    Monte Cassino Cross : 32259

    Rank: Strzelec (Rifleman)

    Surname: JEDRZEJCZYK

    Christian Name: Wincenty

    Date of Birth: 1896

    Army Service Number (Also found on his ID Tags): 1896-34-III

    Unit: 6th Field Court, 2nd Armoured Brigade.

    Monte Cassino Cross : 42280

    Rank: Siostra (Sister)

    Surname: TOPOROWSKA

    Christian Name: Halina

    Date of Birth: 1919

    Army Service Number (Also found on Her ID Tags): 1919-79-III

    Unit: 162 Military Hospital.

    I sincerely hope that the above information is of some use and help,

    Best wishes


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    Many thanks for your info Andrzejku , would it be possible to get service papers for these and what's the chances of getting copy marriage / death certificates for Tadeusz KWIECINSKI and Halina TOPOROWSKA ?. The crosses for them I bought from their son who now lives in London and told me they died in Lublin Poland, but had nothing else, apparently when they died family came over from Poland and took back other items belonging to them both.

    Halina was born in Grodno 17/12/17 and died August 2004 in Lublin. Tadeusz was born Poland 14/09/08 and died October 1996. thanks again. Steve

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    Hello Steve,

    Unfortunately the Polish 2nd Corps Records are held by the British M-O-D (Polish Records Section) and when applying for information you have to prove that you are a relative and provide the appropriate certificates. So unless you could ask the son to apply for them and reimburse him, you will have to wait for the 75 Year Military Disclosure Act to lapse in 2020, unlike British Naturalization Papers which carry a 100 Year disclosure.

    Best wishes


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    Can someone help me identify recipients of Monte Cassino Crosses no: 556,5037, 39448, 15167?

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    Hello ProPatria,

    And welcome to the Forum, from your very short message I have been able to glean the following information for you:

    MCC Nr: 556: awarded to Plutowny (Lance Sergeant) Zenon RUDZIK, Born in 1918, Army Number: (also found on his ID Tags): 1918-55-III, Unit Head Quarters 2nd Corps Staff.

    After the war Rudzik came to the UK and in 1962 married a Patricia G L Mason , Zenon Rudzik died on 15th September 2001 whilst living at 74 Somerset Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B23-6NH. He was a retired Quality Inspector.

    MCC Nr: 5037 was awarded to: Strzelec (Rifleman) Czeslaw GRABOWSKI, Born in 1915, Army Number: 1915-200-III, Unit: 3rd Rifle Battalion, 1st Carpathian Rifle Brigade, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division.

    MCC Nr: 15167 was awarded to: Strzelec (Rifleman) Jozef SAUL, Born in 1906, Army Number: 1906-220-III, Unit: Head Quarters 5KDP (5 Kresowa Infantry Division).

    He died in Hendon in 1972.

    Mcc Nr: 39448 was awarded to St.Saper (Lance Corporal) Aleksy SAPIECHA, Born in 1904, Army Number: 1904-86-III, Unit 10th Battalion Sapers.

    I hope that this answers all your questions and that the above information is of some use.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you so much for the names and all additional info on the four recipients of the MCCs.
    It is really good to finally be able to put the names to the medals. I am really grateful for your time and for sharing with me the information I was searching for.
    I must say that I find the threats on the Monte Cassino Cross very interesting and informative and I enjoy the pictures posted by you and the other members of the forum.
    Andrzejku, if not too much trouble could I please ask you for one more number ie. 45185?
    Thank you.

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    Hello Propatria,

    You are most welcome, the Recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Nr: 45185 was Kapral (Corporal) Stanislaw CZAPSKI, Born : 1902, Army Number: 1902-84-III, Unit 29 Kompania Samochodow Sanitarnych (29th Ambulance Company). Died in Nottingham in 1971 (information from Find My Past).

    Best wishes


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